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Histrionic Personality Disorder is categorised by the American Psychiatric Association as a long or constant attention seeking behaviour and extreme emotional reactions.It comes from the Etruscans word histrio meaning an actor. It is a personality disorder in which the Individual wants to become the centre of attention. It begins in early adulthood and includes over-dramatize situations as well as sexually seductive behaviour in order to draw more attention.
As such people when do not get attention, they feel uncomfortable. So they ought to be livelier, melodramatic, enthusiastic and flirtatious to avoid situations in which they are not gaining attention.

In order to diagnose Histrionic personality disorder we need to monitor the patient for the following symptoms:
1. Self-centeredness
2.Inappropriate seductive behaviour or appearance
3.Making such physical appearances in order to draw attention towards self
4. Easily influenced by others
5. Doesn’t like it when he is not the centre of attention of a particular situation
6. Shallow expression of emotions
7. Consider relationships to be closer than they are in real
8. Seeks assurance and approval constantly
9. Makes rash decisions

If any of the five symptoms occur in a patient he/she can be considered to be suffering from Histrionic personality disorder. Considering this fact, the proper determination can only be done properly by a trained mental health professional like a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

According to a study this disorder occurs mainly in women than in men. The causes of it are still not known but some researchers say that it might occur as a result of childhood memories and events, others state that it may involve some genetics as well. Another theory states that it might happen due to social factors like the way a person interacts with friends and family. It’s during their early development. Hence, a single factor cannot be blamed for it. The percentage in general population is 1.8 and its intensity is seen to decrease as the age passes. 

Initially, to diagnose it the history of the person is very vital. Then the general appearance, behaviour and psychological evaluation should be done to reach the right decision. No tests such as blood, lab or genetic tests are required to reach a diagnosis.
Many people with disorder are not even aware that they are suffering from something. Even if they come to know they don’t seek out a treatment. Only until it significantly starts to bother them and start having an impact on their lives.
Although believes about hysteria have varied throughout the time but it has persisted over the years and has seen to be growing according to Health2Delivery.

The treatment of histrionic disorder involves long term psychotherapy. This therapy being a challenging task as the patient might show exaggerated symptoms. The patient might also want fake sympathy and make himself show as emotionally needy to the therapist.
At times the therapist might also prescribe some medication, to add an additional aid to the therapy if the patient is facing trouble with the therapy alone. Although medication helps a little to affect the disorder but would be helpful in depression

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