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new beauty blender foundation review
So here we have it folks, the worlds most perfect foundation - a big statement, but the truest ever spoke. Despite the backlash upon its release, and having loved Beauty Blenders for so many years and never applying my base with anything else, I had to have this. I waited weeks after the initial release in the US, and we finally have it in the UK at Cult Beauty. You bet it was worth the wait, and the price of £32.00. Shockingly, not the most expensive foundation I've ever purchased but certainly far from drugstore. This is Beauty Blenders first make up product, and if this is foreshadowing what's to come then I'm very excited. 

Let's start with the packaging, it's unlike any other foundation out there, it's unique and quirky, and looks expensive. The front presents a frosted glass bottle, and around the back we have a lock/unlock feature for the pump (which is going to be life changing for travelling and spillages!) And then we have the biggest design querk, the uniquely shaped (like a Beauty Blender,) sort of stage/hollow in the bottle for the product to pump out into and hold whilst applying. It's all so fun and fresh, but it's also practical and in my eyes, a game changer for the foundation industry. 

Let's not forget the outer packaging, because even the box is pretty and display worthy. I absolutely love the pink/purple holographic shifts and mirror like front. The box also has your shade sticker, I opted for shade 3.55 - which I honestly feared would be too dark, but it's actually too light. Of course we all saw the shade back lash, there is a lot of whites/beiges that look exactly the same and I had a struggle matching (and failed.) This is a pretty big issue considering in the UK we can't go into a store and shade match - so if you want my advice, google swatches and go darker than you think. 

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beauty blender foundation uk

Of course, I apply this using my damp Beauty Blender. (And just for reference, I have combination/dehydrated skin.) And what can I say? I have no complaints. The coverage is perfect, the texture is perfect, the staying power is perfect, the balance between matte and dewy is perfect, the pump is perfect, the smell is perfect. 

I have truly never fell in love with any foundation as quickly as this, upon my first application I knew I loved it - and after seeing my face a few hours later, I could confirm it was my new holy grail. I was literally so happy with it, that I wanted to go buy everyone a bottle so they could look flawless with me. (I don't even use concealer when I use this foundation, despite my 3 hours of sleep per night.) 

It's buildable, from medium to very full coverage. It looks semi matte, but not cakey or dry, nor oily or shiny. It feels comfortable on the skin, actually, it feels weightless. This is truly the foundation that will make you look Facetuned in the flesh. And don't worry about getting that awful oily shine after a few hours, this stuff will stay in place and keep you fresh for a good 5 hours before you need to powder/blot, if like me you get severe anxiety sweats. (Ew, but it's true.)

So I think you know what's coming... In conclusion, you need this foundation in your life ASAP. 


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