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Despite it's problematic background, you cannot deny Lime Crime are killing the game recently and have been releasing some stunning new products - Lime Crime is also much more accessible in the UK now because it's available on Beauty Bay.

One of their most recent launches was the third edition to the Venus eyeshadow palette family, it's visually stunning and that's what really drew me in. This was a total impulse purchase, I've never read any reviews on their eyeshadow formula so I had no idea what I was going to get, I just knew it was really pretty.

Venus III includes 8 shades, 3 mattes, 2 metallic toppers, and 3 shimmers. If Anastasia Modern Renaissance and the new Norvina palette had a baby, it would probably look like this. It's full of pink and purple tones, with a hint of neutral. The pan size is pretty large, and despite the fact they're housed in a cardboard box, it's a very, very pretty cardboard box with a large mirror and a lot of metallic details - I personally love the design and the packaging is actually incredibly sturdy. 

The mattes are very matte, the shimmers not very shimmery and the two metallic toppers need some help. The matte shades have great pigment with a softness, the shimmers also have great pigmentation but just don't have enough glisten for me. However, we then have the two metallic toppers, which are by far my favourite and a big part of the reason I purchased this palette. They look great alone, but also stunning on top of matte shades. I like to really intensify mine by applying some Mac Fix+ spray to a duo fibre flat brush and packing it onto my lid. 

(Beam and Heavenly swatched wet)

There's very little fall out/kickback if any, which keeps it looking pretty and it means I'm able to work with these shadows even after putting on my base.
Despite the sturdiness, the palette is a very travel friendly size and it's surprisingly weightless. 

This palette will set you back £34, which looking back now I do think is pretty steep for eight shades. Honestly, if you like this you should just look into the new ABH Norvina palette, which has very similar pinks and purples, shimmers and mattes - at £43 it's more expensive, but it's from a higher end brand, in better packaging, and with 14 shades.  (Almost double for another £10.) I wish I had bought Norvina instead, but now I have this I feel like it would be a waste.


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