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too faced peaches and cream review urban decay velvetizer review
It's been a long while since I did a good make up haul because I fell out of love with it for such a long time, but my love has come back with a force - I want everything. But I can't afford all of it so here's what I squeezed out this month:

I've wanted the Too Faced Peaches & Cream range since it was first released in America and I almost got it all shipped over from the USA, but thank God I waited and we finally got it in the UK as a Debenhams exclusive. I've heard so many good things about the base products from the Peach collection and they were all so right.

First of all, the Peach Perfect foundation which blew me away. I mean, I've never not had a Too Faced product I didn't love, but this foundation is flawless. Any normal/combination or oily skinned gals are going to love this, the 'comfort matte,' formula with fig cream and peach is totally unique and gives a soft focus, soft matte flawless finish with no drying, caking or tightness. Unlike my other matte foundations, it's very thin and easy to blend. And yes, it really does smell like peaches - and it's so refreshing. The foundation gives a medium coverage, which could totally be built up or down a few notches dependent on how many pumps you use. I wore this foundation during the awful heatwave we've had in the UK, and it even kept my sweaty top lip under control. This has very quickly become my go to, fail safe foundation for any occasion that I could trust if I applied with my eyes shut.

I thought the 'cooling' effect of the Primed & Peachy matte perfecting primer would be a total gimmick, but much to my surprise I did notice a cooling sensation on my face when applying this. (It's strange, but nice.)  Although this primer isn't great for reducing the size of my huge pores, it is great at keeping your face matte and your base firmly in place - because it's really tacky. Much like it's foundation partner, it has a gorgeous peachy scent that lingers on your face all day. In my opinion, this primer would be suitable for combination and oily skin types only, it is very matte and has a tendency to ball up sometimes in dry areas or if too much is applied or you've used a skincare product underneath it doesn't agree with.  So it's not the most versatile, but when you find the way to make it work for you - it works really well. 

For now, the last thing I picked up from the Peaches & Cream collection was the finishing powder, Peach Blur. I've been using the Too Faced Primed & Poreless finishing powder for years, and when I hit pan I thought I'd change things up a little and go for this new one. Unlike the other base products, this had mixed reviews so already I was regretful about not just sticking to my usual. But much like it's family, this product smells wonderful, looks beautiful and performs really well when used correctly. Don't mistake this as a setting powder, this isn't a loose powder you apply after foundation - this is a finishing powder that should be blotted on the face as the final step before setting spray or taken with you to touch up oily patches on the go. Despite the fact Too Faced say this is translucent, if you are very pale I do believe some peachiness will transfer over onto your skin - but personally I found it to be like, 95% translucent, it just added a warmer glow to all of my face. I love this powder for my oily areas and large pores, it blurs and absorbs amazingly. 

I had to re-purchase my much loved Urban Decay Velevetizer, I actually use this as my setting powder instead of a 'mix in medium,' as it's sold. I wrote a full post on this powder and why I'll never use any other and you can read that here. If you have combination/oily skin and don't yet know about this powder please do yourself a favour and grab it right now. 

I begrudge buying new Beauty Blenders, because they are expensive for what they are (essentially a sponge,) but I stand by the fact nothing is as good as the original Beauty Blender. I was beyond desperate for a new one and my foundations apply much easier now it's fresh and bouncy again. I would never go back to trying to blend foundations with a brush, it looks streaky and isn't worked into the skin properly. Other sponges I've tried (like Real Techniques,) don't compare to this either - the texture is really unique and honestly there's some scientific technology in these things that make them the best.


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