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mac matte fix plus setting spray review
It's been a long time since I was interested in a new release from MAC, when I was 14 you bet I was first online on release days getting new lippy shades, but until now nothing has excited me enough; I feel like MAC are behind in terms of trends formula and packaging in comparison to all these new brands we now have easy access to online.

However, when I saw that the iconic Fix+ had been re-invented as a matte setting spray I was on that quick. I personally love the original Fix Plus and it's amazing for so many things, from freshening up to intensifying highlight - but now Summers got my skin resembling an oil slick I need all the mattifying help I can get. 

Upon having this delivered I wasn't too happy with how much of the bottle was actually full, there was a huge empty space as if it had been used a few times already which instantly made me not want to buy it again. The packaging is what drew me in most before I'd even read any reviews, I'm in love with the handwritten messy vibe going on. I was expecting it to smell a little different to the original too but it doesn't, (I don't think anyway.) 

However, this week I had my first panic attack in about a year and it was intense, there were a hell of a lot of tears and sweat. I didn't plan to give this a tear test, but I'm kind of glad this happened because this is when I realised how good this spray is. Despite having tears running down my face and sweat on my top lip, my bronzer, highlighter and foundation did not budge, and next to nothing transferred onto the tissue. 

In conclusion, I'm really not mad at this anymore despite the quarter empty bottle. At £19.00 it's not the cheapest, but it's also not the most expensive setting spray out right now. (I also really like the look of it on my dressing table, it matches my bedroom aesthetic.) I also have the new 'Goldlite' Fix+ sitting beside it looking very pretty, but I'm not a fan of that at all.

mac pore refiner blur stick review mac matte
I was so intrigued by another new release from the new matte collection, this product was a whole new thing for me and I was so excited about it's potential to photoshop my make up in the flesh. Say hello to the MAC Prep + Prime Pore Refiner Stick, priced at £21.50 (which I think is really steep for the very small amount of product in this stick.) It as described as 'perfect for on the go,' which it is to be fair, but I still think it's too pricey for the size.

This 'magic stick,' claimed to blur pores and fine lines, as well as absorbing oil, smoothing and  mattifying. That's a lot. It's also very versatile, because it can be used as a primer, on top of your primer, on top of your make up, or as a 'touch up,' during the day.

The first time I tried this, I applied a hydrating primer and used the stick on top. It instantly mattified, my pores looked smaller and my face had a 'blur,' and it looked really impressive until I put my foundation on and the patches I'd applied this to clung to my foundation and looked cakey and patchy.

The second time I used this I used it instead of a powder. Again, it blurred, smoothed and mattified really well but did remove some of my base make up when applying it, and trying to blend it in. (Bare in mind this is a stick formula, so it's pretty thick and there's no chance you could rub it in because it would remove your make up, it needs to be blotted/patted on gently to problem areas.)

I've now swapped this with a powder in my handbag, it's so much easier to carry this about and apply it in public than pulling out a powder and brush. However it does need to be applied carefully and selectively to stop it taking off your make up underneath. So over all I'm a little torn. The stick has its pros and cons. Would I buy it again? I don't think so, but it's fun and inventive and something new. If you have really, really oily skin this honestly could be your life saver - I'm a little more combination.


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