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zoella beauty splash botanics review lip oil drench lagoon love
It’s no secret that despite my age, I still love me some Zoella. The first time I purchased some of her beauty products I was sceptical, I thought they’d be a complete fluke- but since, they’ve fast become my favourite bath and body pamper products because of the innovative designs and scents. Yes I’m 20 years old, and yes I went out on release day to be one of the first to get my hands on Splash Botanics. (Unfortunately I didn’t get everything, but I’m going back for it like the over aged fan girl I am.) 

This is by far my favourite ever range, for scent and packaging. The packaging is perfect for this time of year, and so on trend with the palm leaf and tropical fresh vibes. (I’ve very happily put these products on my top shelf to display because they match pretty spot on with my bedroom theme.) This range is also for sure the most mature scent, I think teenagers and women would both love this, where as past ranges have been a little more teen/child friendly, I hope Zoe keeps this up with future releases. Although the scent is summery and fresh, it’s not too floral (I hate heavily floral scents.) Honestly I think the whole scent is a vibe, you need to go and smell it for yourself to get it.

I was most excited about the Lip Oil, because this is an entirely new addition to Zoella Beauty we’ve never seen in any other range. Zoe mentioned that they’ve been working on this formula for two years - and I think it’s paid off. I’ve never tried a lip oil before, because the majority of them come from high end brands such as Clarins, and I’m sorry but I don’t love my lips enough to spend over £10 on lip care. So big up Zoe for bringing us an affordable, but still amazing lip oil. It smells beautiful, feels extremely nourishing on the lips and stays put for hours with a glossy finish with no stickyness at all. My dry lips are loving this, and my nose is loving having the Splash Botanics scent sitting underneath it. 

So I know everyone on social media is loving the packaging of the Drench bubble bath, me included. I love this milk carton design made modern with the branding, it’s so fun and unique. The packaging alone made me buy this without even fully knowing what the product was, although now i’ve used it, I do like what’s inside too. However, when I poured this into my bath the consistency wasn’t what i expected, (in the best way.) This product has a gel like consistency, and it’s clear - imagine a super thick clear lipgloss. I’ve never had a bubble bath with a formula like this, but it produces a lot of bubbles and the Splash Botanics scent lingers pretty well in your bath. I’ve used a lot of bubble baths that smell great in the bottle and turn to nothing in the water, but this one actually smells amazing in your tub too. It’s a very fresh, relaxing and summery scent, perfect for a summer time wind down.

Okay, so I was so happy to see this product in this range. We saw this formulation in the Christmas 2017 gifting Snow’ella range, (post here,) which I loved and I raved about this particular bath product - I was heartbroken when I ran out and the Christmas range was no longer available to buy. (This is a one time use product which I think is going to put a lot of people off.) 

The Lagoon Love ‘bath milk powder,’ is a really moisturising and softening addition to your bath water, it creates a very small amount of bubbles but that’s not it’s purpose. I love this powder because it turns my bath water milky (as the name suggests,) and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated when I get out, so you don’t have to then go in with a body cream which can be such a chore. If you have dry skin you’ll love this, and despite the scent being quite pungent in the powder it doesn’t upset your skin. I also love to create a “bath cocktail” with this powder - plus the Drench, to create a very bubbly, hydrating, milky, scent strong relaxing bath tub. 

Over all I’m truly buzzing about Splash Botanics and I cannot wait to get back and pick up the rest of the products in this collection. 


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