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look fantastic x illamasqua beauty box limited edition reviews whats inside
I’m so excited to be writing about this very limited edition Look Fantastic x Illamasqua box. I’ve talked about the standard monthly look fantastic beauty boxes recently, but this one is by far my favourite and I was very excited about the contents. this box contains the “must have,” products, (and I was warned they’re going to be sold out forever very very soon, so if you already like what you see without reading on, I suggest you head over and grab it now. it’s only £35 with a value of over £80, and I’m about to sit here and rave about everything in this box so is it worth it? Without a doubt!

Hydra Veil
Wow, so this stuff shook me up. I think anyone and everyone who knows about make up has heard of this primer, but it’s always overlooked for whatever reason. So at first this might sound and look off putting, but the formula of this stuff is magical. Sure, it looks like hair gel and literally feels like jelly - which I think is actually really fun and very unique. I’ve tried a hell of a lot of primers over the years, but never any like this. the gel literally glides on your skin a dream and it made my skin beyond smooth and plump, it 110% lives up to its name - so much hydration, but not at all greasy/oily. It has a great blurring effect on pores and textured areas, honestly this is the first mini product i’ve tried and instantly wanted to buy the full size, I can’t wait for payday. 

Silhouette Gel Sculpting Stick
So i’ve only recently really gotten into cream bronzing and sculpting, I hated it for years but suddenly I’m a changed woman. Just like the primer, the formula/consistency of this is so unique and unlike anything i’ve tried before - and it’s unique in such a right way. Yes the colour of this is a perfect contour for light-medium skin tones, pretty much bang on the money. But, it’s not the colour that made me love this so much, it’s the whole “gel,” concept. I think we’ve all tried tour standard cream contour products, but this really is a silk like gel, it’s very thin but builds up very easily - it’s a dream to blend out, much easier than a cream. 

look fantastic x illamasqua beauty box limited edition reviews whats inside

Gel Eyeliner and Brush
It’s been a long time since I used any sort of eyeliner apart from a pen, i’ve used the NYX epic ink for my wings for as long as I can remember. Despite that, I really liked using this liner - it’s so matte and so black! It even stayed put and jet black in my waterline for over 7 hours and that’s just unheard of. Unlike my usual liners of choice, because of the gel formula it’s much harder to smudge and doesn’t tend to run down my face if my hay fever kicks in. 

I used the brush in the box with the liner, both on my flicks and in my waterline because it’s so slim and precise. I felt like I had a lot more control over how thick I did the lines, and my flick was a lot neater than usual. I love that this brush has a lid, I think having that on a brush that literally goes into your eyes is a great hygiene perk. 

Not the best mascara i’ve ever tried, but by no means bad. This mascara has a really nice soft fluffy head (my favourites,) and gives a jet black separated, voluminous look. I’d say this mascara is an “all rounder,” meaning it does a bit of everything in one, but has no specifics so there’s nothing it’s amazing at. (But another note, can we appreciate the play with words here? Mascara + Illamasqua = Masquara? Brilliant.) 

Anti Matter Lipstick - Bang
This lippy gives a satin finish, it feels hydrating but still has great staying power considering it isn't a matte. The pigment is well there, so you really don't need to keep swiping over and over to build up a decent colour. 


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