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look fantastic beauty box june 2018 into the blue whats inside review
If you're already subscribed to the #LFBEAUTYBOX, you might want to look away now -because I'm about to spill everything inside this months 'Into The Blue,' box. However, if you aren't subscribed to this monthly treat and you're looking for the best value subscription box with the best variety of products, this might be right up your street. This beauty box is only £15 a month for a year, and each month you'll receive at least 6 products (mainly high end,) as well as a copy of Elle magazine. It's a great way to discover new brands, find new favourites, see what works for you and expand your make up and skincare stash. 

This is the second special edition beauty box, I also posted about the first special edition a couple of months ago and you can read that here. This special 'Into The Blue,' box is packaged beautifully with you guessed it, everything blue. I love the whole vibe/aesthetic of this box, I think overall it all meshes together really well and creates a fresh, botanic, stepping into summer vibe. The over all value of the contents totals over £65, and here's what makes that up:

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Gradual Lotion
I've wanted to try Vita Liberata ever since I started fake tanning put the price has always put me off, although I have heard really great things. This is their gradual lotion, meaning it's also a double up moisturiser so you're killing two birds with one stone. It builds a gradual, even glow and contains 'Odour Remove' technology, (there's literally no scent at all.) It contains great natural and organic ingredients, so it's kind to your skin whilst working its tanning magic. We all know I like a dark tan, so I've already used this to top up/maintain my face colour. (It also saved me a few pumps of my moisturiser over night, even on my dehydrated skin it felt comfortable.) 

Elemis Super-Food Facial Wash
Described as a 'smoothie of super foods,' it includes amazing greens, such as Wheat grass, Kale, and Nettle. Don't know about you, but I've never tried an Elemis product and not liked it, there's such a luxuriousness about every product that makes every product seem like such a treat for your skin. This face wash is no exception, it smells divine - exactly like you'd expect a green healthy smoothie to smell like funnily enough. It has a gel consistency, so a little goes a long way and it feels cooling and hydrating. It claims to give luminosity and a healthy glow - and after one use, I can vouch for that. I used this on a make-up less clean face and left it on to work some magic for about 10 minutes, upon removing with a muslin cloth I instantly noticed how glowy and fresh my skin looked, as well as feeling super clean and smelling fresh.

Rituals The Ritual Of Dao Body Cream
Once again a brand I've seen and heard a lot about, but never got around to trying. This body cream smells super luxurious and botanical, imagine walking into a herb garden after you've been to the spa - that kind of vibe. It's described as a rich, creamy moisturiser that leaves skin silky to the touch. To be honest, the skin on my body resembles that of a lizard, so any moisturiser is good for me.

look fantastic beauty box june 2018 into the blue whats inside review

Madara SOS Hydra Moisture Mask
Dehydrated and dull skin rejoice, this mask hydrates and smooths. It's organic and vegan friendly, suitable for all skin types and usually retails on Look Fantastic for £15. This mask should be applied in a thin layer to cleansed skin and left for 15-20 minutes - alternatively for a deeper treatment you can allow the product to soak in and sleep with it on overnight to wake up with deeply hydrated skin.

Christophe Robin Cleansing and Volumising Paste 
Essentially a hair treatment, this product removes dirt, oil and impurities whilst also lifting your hair and giving it extra thickness - it can also be used as a hair mask to preserve colour. At full size, this retails for £42.50, so it's great to have a generously sized sample in this months box to try out before you really splurge! I love the smell of this product, and the texture is very unique.

Studio 10 Liquid Foil Radiance 
I've never heard of this brand before, but this is a gorgeous first impression. This claims to be a crease resistant liquid eyeshadow with a metallic/foil finish. The shade is a golden/champagne tone with silver flecks of glitter, it applies quite sheer with one swipe but it can be built up for a super glittery finish. If you really like your glitter like me, you could also use this to add something really extra to your usual highlighter by dabbing it on top.

You can get your Into The Blue box for a one off payment, or you can subscribe to the future #LFBEAUTYBOX releases for £13 PM here.

*Disclaimer: products featured were gifted to me by, but all content is my own.*

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