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superdrug solait fake tan review dry oil tan wipes dark mousse
If you know me at all, you'll know I'm all about that fake tan life. I wasn't naturally blessed with golden bronzed skin, quite the complete opposite. I've been trying out so many different products from various brands for years, I'm pretty much on a never ending search for my perfect fake tan. After months and months of using my beloved Bondi Sands Dark Foam, I just got bored and my face started to break out - so what started as a mission to find a suitable tan for my face that didn't break me out, turned into an entire tan haul. 

After scanning review after review, from Skinny Tan to He-Shi - I found myself adding more and more of Superdrug's own tanning range, 'Solait,' to my basket, which really didn't amount to much because they had the good old 3 for 2.

Without a doubt my favourite of the bunch is the Overnight Tan Mask. As I previously mentioned, using my usual body tan on my face was breaking me out because it was clogging my pores so much - so I was delighted to see a tan specifically for the face (and for £4) I literally use this as my night time moisturiser, it has a light tropical scent and a thick but fast absorbing and hydrating formula. One application gives a subtle, healthy bronzed look - but I use this pretty much every other night because I like to look dark. I’ve had no issues with it breaking me out, it contains some beneficial ingredients like Vitamin E, which I’m sure has made my skin softer. 

Fake tan wipes? Sounds very gimmicky I know, I was very sceptical about these too - I’ve never seen anything like this before. You get 20 clear wipes in a packet, they look and feel just like a makeup wipe but have the tropical scent. Do they work? Yes! These wipes give a light/medium tan with no orange guide colour, no mess and no transfer into clothes because it dries into your skin instantly. They’re a very quick, convenient invention and I recommend them for first time tanners or topping up your current usual tan. 

I actually prefer this dry oil over the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, tan oils are perfect if you have dry skin and want a light/medium natural tan with a glow. Because I personally go for an extra dark tan, I apply my base tan and then the day after I’ve washed away the top layer, I’ll apply this to add hydration back so my tan lasts as long as possible and makes my colour look more glowy than patchy. The oil smells devine and can be layered, it works well on the face also if you have dry skin. The formula of this is foolproof, it has a light guide colour, it dries down almost instantly so you don’t feel at all sticky or make a mess. 

This is pretty much a dupe of my usual Bondi Sands Dark Mousse, but quarter the price. Despite it being an “express” I still leave it on overnight, I wake up about 8 shades darker and not smelling like a complete Tikka Masala. This mousse blends and spreads just as well as more expensive tans, and if I keep moisturised/use the dry oil a few days after - it lasts just as long too.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the Dark Lotion. For a “dark” product the pigment just isn’t there with this one, it’s a watery consistency and requires a lot of blending and work to get it to look good. I couldn’t layer it because applying on top just seemed to rub off what was underneath. I also found that this took quite a while to dry down and stayed very tacky, it wasn’t great to sleep with on fluffy bed sheets to say the least. Although again, it smells tropical and feels hydrating. 

It goes without saying, I'm very impressed with these products and I think they're totally a hidden drugstore gem - there's still a few products in the range left for me to try, and by the looks of it, Superdrug have my entire tan routine sorted for about £20.


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