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lush bath bombs sensitive skin
With Christmas gone, I’m well kitted out with a stash of Lush goodies to see me through several pamper evenings. And to be honest, Lush products are my favourite thing to photograph and edit so it was kind of compulsory to create a post - everyone loves a Lush post, (right?) Oh and of course the typical Instagram boomerangs every time I have a bath. #Guilty. 

Are you even a fan of Lush if you don't stock up on Snow Fairy products every Christmas? This year I got the usual Snow Fairy shower gel, but this year they introduced the 'naked,' version - which has no plastic packaging so it's all eco friendly and that y'know. I must admit, I'm not a fan - I find it a nightmare to use and store, and next year I'll definitely stick to the plastic bottle. 

I missed out on the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner last year, and annoyingly I left it too late again this year so I couldn't get a full size. I picked up the mini size anyway, because I had serious FOMO. This tiny tub only saw me through three showers, but I loved this because it meant I didn't have to stand and moisturise when I got out, which I really, really, appreciated. If you love the Snow Fairy scent, the body conditioner is definitely the best product to go for, I found that the fragrance lasted on my skin for a really long time. (As well as being really soft and hydrated.) I will get a full size next year.

lush metamorphosis review
I know a lot of people prefer the bubble bars over bath bombs, but personally I just don't understand how anyone can come to that conclusion. I want pink water, glitter, fizzing - not just some bubbles and a light smell. Despite that, I did receive the Magic Wand bubble bar. I mean, you can't deny it looks super pretty and fun - but again after the first use I find these a bit of a nightmare to store until next time. The scent of the bar its self is really strong, but once it's dissolved in your bath water it isn't anywhere as near as strong as the scent from a bath bomb imo. 

I was really excited when I received the Metamorphosis bomb, I've seen so many people post videos of this on Instagram but just never got around to buying it for myself. This was a really strange one, and definitely not for everyone, unfortunately I think I got a bit of a 'dud,' bomb so it was pretty underwhelming and not much like all the others I'd watched. I wouldn't re-purchase this one, it looked fun at first but once it all dissolved it left my water looking really dirty and to be honest it didn't have the best fragrance either. 

Think Pink is such a classic, an oldie but a goodie. It looks amazing whilst fizzing, and leaves your water pink and glittery with a gorgeous aroma. It was perfect for my Sunday pamper afternoon. (If you don't like glitter on your body, definitely avoid this one!) 

lush bath bomb reviews best and worst
The Experimenter is my second favourite bomb, (first is Intergalactic, but I used that before I got a chance to photograph it, oops.) It's just really fun, nice to look at and you never really know what you're going to get! Every time I use this I get a different result depending on which angle/colour of the bomb you drop in the water. (How cool is that?) Again, this one is pretty glittery and in your face with all it's smells and colours. It tends to leave quite the mess around the rim of my mums bath and she hates me for it.

Another oldie but a goodie I was over the moon to receive was Twilight. This is a really relaxing, but uplifting and 'soft,' bomb. The scent of this is my favourite lush scent ever, it's not the most exciting to watch fizz, it gives off some purple and pink trails - but it does leave your water with a pink hue and the most utterly gorgeous aroma. If they could make this fizz more colours, and add some glitter, but keep the same scent - that would be my dream Lush bath bomb. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Sex Bomb, the smell from this one kind of reminds me of old women but at the same time it's relaxing and comforting. Although, once I fish out the rose from my water I do get a lot of satisfaction from picking all the petals apart and dotting them around my water. (Anyone else? No? Ok.) But yeah, if I was going to buy an old woman a Lush product it would be this, it's pretty, dainty, relaxing and has that old woman rose smell about it. 

lush bath bomb reviews best and worst snow fairy naked
The last two bombs I received were two newbies for me, the first was Avobath - which I've heard a few people slate and say it should be removed from the permanent line so I didn't have great expectations. But, I actually really liked this one. I really liked the green it turned my water because I've never had a bomb do that before, but I also really enjoyed the smell and it seemed to be more hydrating and kind to my skin than any others. It was generally refreshing and one I'll definitely not ignore in-store anymore. 

Last (and certainly least to be honest,) was the 'yellow bomb'. I have no idea what this one is called. I didn't expect much from it just by looking at it, and I was right. It literally made my water look like I'd done a huge pee in the bath and that was it, I didn't even notice a smell. (And it left a bright orange rim around the bath which was a nightmare to remove.) If you do know what this one is, do let me know! Maybe I had a dud?

If you have any bomb recommendations do leave them in the comments, I love trying new ones! (And remember to follow me on Instagram: @crtnygrdnr to watch my story and see bath bombs in action.)

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