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BodyForm Pink Ticket WIN VIP Music Experience
Summer time is fast approaching, which means the music festival period is too - and whether you're a regular festival goer or there's one on your bucket list Bodyform have got you covered...literally. We all know Bodyform for their signature #LiveFearlessly slogan, and that's exactly what they want you (and a friend,) to do this Summer time. 

When you're kicking back in the sun, you can have fun whatever you're doing - (whether that's sun bathing or crowd surfing,) and not worry about 'that time of the month,' when it comes around with the Bodyform triple protection against leakages. Bodyform are all about riding out the crimson wave and not letting your period stop you from having fun.

And so behold the #PinkTicket campaign. This campaign is all about music experiences, whether that's a gig or a 3 day camp out in the muddy fields of Bestival (Whilst being ultra protected from any period embarrassment of course.) 

So, what's in it for you and how do you get involved? Well, you can win a VIP music experience for you and a friend. All you have to do to be in with a chance is pick up a promotional pack of Bodyform sanitary towels (these promotional packs will have the WIN sticker in the right corner, just like the one pictured above!) Under your sticker will be your unique code, head to and simply enter your code. And don't fret, if you don't win a VIP experience, there's also £500,000 worth of music e-gift cards to be won too! 

You can buy your Bodyform products in most major retailers, promotional packs are limited - so go get stocked up for your crimson wave ASAP. Good luck and have fun living fearlessly. 

-This post was in partnership with Bodyfrom UK for their Pink Ticket Campaign- 

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