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zoella bath and body products review snowella scent winter 2017
I didn't pick up anything in the big Boxing Day sales, but when I went into my local Superdrug for a box of hair dye and saw the Zoella Treasure Me box for only £20 (it was £40,) I couldn't say no. I know, I know, as a 20 year old I should not be fan girling and buying Zoella beauty sets - but here I am, doing it anyway, because honestly this product range smells amazing. It's sort of my guilty pleasure if you will. I'd previously tried products from the 'Snowella,' scented Winter collection and loved them, so I jumped at the chance to get them all over again, full sized and in a huge attractive box that I'm now using to store my hair products in. (Looks great in my bedroom by the way.)

zoella beauty products on sensitive skin
The 'Treasure Me' set contains: Snow Silky body lotion, Snow Scoop bubble bath, Snow Smooth body butter, Snow Fresh body wash, Snow Polished body polish, Winter Wonder Hand Cream and x2 Splash Of Milk bath milk powders. It also contains a shower puff, in a rose gold colour with the signature Zoella logo printed on the ribbon. (Not the entire contents of the Winter/Snowella collection, it's missing the lip balms and perfume.) All of the products are full sized in the box, (which is pretty huge in it's self.) 

All of the products have the same 'Snow'ella,' scent, which is my favourite ever Zoella beauty scent yet. It's honestly gorgeous and so unique. It gives me major snowy, fresh, crisp vibes whilst still being a little sweet and girly, for a durgstore/merchandise range of products the scent is very pungent and lingers on the skin with every product. (I actually like the Snowella perfume a lot more than I like my £50-£120 designer perfumes!) I was worried that the fragrance might upset my sensitive skin, but it doesn't at all. All of the products are very rich and moisturising, which is what we all need in Winter. Like seriously, I want to bulk buy bottles of the stuff to cover me for life because I know this collection is limited and once it's sold out in the sales, it's gone forever. 

zoella snowella treasure me gift box review contents
Let's start with the body products, the most moisturising/rich product in the range has to be the Snow Smooth body butter, this is exactly what it says on the tin - a rich, thick, heavy'ish body moisturiser. Despite the thick and whipped like consistency, it soaks in really well and pretty quickly, however the scent still lingers for hours. 

One of my favourites has to be the Snow Silky body lotion. The formula/consistency of this is so strange, but in a really good way. I've tried my fair share of body creams, but never anything that feels like this - it totally lives up to its name. You know the smash box primer? It reminds me so much of that, it really does give a silky feeling to your skin and smoothes it over like a face primer would, (whilst also smelling gorgeous.) I personally would of branded this as a body gel!

We then have the body polish, Snow Polished. This is a very gentle body exfoliator, it definitely isn't one for scrubbing away old fake tan or ingrown hairs. You could probably use this everyday because the exfoliating particles gradually disappear as you rub. The Snow Fresh body wash also has an interesting and unique consistency, it's literally like jelly in a bottle! This is my least favourite product because I find that the consistency means you need to use a lot, and it isn't great at lathering. 

I was really pleasantly surprised at how huge the tub of Snow Scoop bubble bath was, I suppose you could say this a fun product - but it still does what it says on the tin, it creates bubbles and makes your bath smell great. 

zoella winter wonder hand zoella splash of milk powder
My second stand out has to be the Splash of Milk bath powders, if I could use these in my bath for the rest of my life, I would. You simply tear the sachet and slowly pour the powder under the running hot water, and it creates a milky, cloudy and super moisturising layer on your bath water. (And you guessed it, smells divine.) When I use one of these I really don't feel the immediate need to moisturise when I dry, my skin always feels baby soft and lightly scented. I wish she sold these separately! 

Everyone loved the hand creams from previous collections, but to be honest I've just never felt the need to buy a hand cream. The Winter Wonder Hand is a nice product that does what a hand cream should do - but it's not necessary (for me, anyway.) I do still pick this up on a daily basis before bed and give my hands a whirl, and I've found a tiny squirt does the job (and the tube is huge,) but I personally wouldn't ever go out and buy any hand cream. But if you do like a hand cream, this one smells beautiful!

snow'ella body mist perfume
I had to pick up a bottle of the fragrance alone before the collections gone because I really do adore it, (and look how gorgeous it is.) I mean, I've never seen a more aesthetically pleasing fragrance. The bottle feels pretty luxurious and much more expensive than it is, it's a glass bottle completely opaque, complete with a fluffy pom pom and golden details. I mean, I'm 20 and I shouldn't think this is adorable - but I do. This is only a body mist, so the fragrance doesn't last long once spritzed - but it's £6 so you can't complain.

I honestly recommend that you go online or out to your local Superdrug and pick up these products whilst you still can, they're all currently discounted to clear!


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