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urban decay all nighter concealer review
I absolutely adore the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, so when I heard they were releasing the matching concealer I just had to get my hands on it. I picked mine up on release day in light neutral, (the shade range is huge by the way!) If I'm honest, I bought this in such a hurry and on such a hype without reading much into it first, the gorgeous packaging definitely reeled me in - because honestly I've never seen such a good looking concealer. 
Much like the foundation, it carries all the same claims: full coverage, matte, long lasting as well as the added claim of this being waterproof. But if the 'sex proof,' claim of the new Troublemaker mascara is anything to go by, it's probably not so true. 

I have to say first of all that if you have dry skin, stay well away from this concealer. Well, well away. The foundation you could probably get away with, with a hydrating primer and dewy setting spray - but this concealer is very much for oily skin. Having said that, I am combination myself so I had to use this a few times with trial and error. This concealer is strictly for my chin and forehead, as well as blemishes I might have on my cheeks, I don't have particularly dry under eyes but I know for a fact that I could not get away with using this under eye, it would look so dry and cakey and feel uncomfortable. 

However, on my oily'er areas as I mentioned this concealer is pretty great. It is full coverage so it covers any scarring, blemishes etc- and it really helped with my chin and forehead shine through out the day because the finish of it is super matte. 

Don't know about you but when I think of a matte, long wearing, 'waterproof,' concealer I immediately think heavy and thick, cakey, y'know? Surprisingly the formula wasn't overly thick or heavy at all, I mean it didn't glide on my skin and glow but it didn't drag or cake up either. 

Like every new concealer being released right now, it has a doe foot applicator which I personally really like in a concealer. However, I do find that not much product actually comes out on the applicator and I have to 'double dip,' to get a decent amount of product on anything I really want covered/corrected. 

Would I re-purchase? Probably not. But I don't dislike it either. I much prefer the Naked Skin concealer, but that also has its downsides because it's very hydrating and creamy, so it isn't great for my oily areas. If you have a fully oily skin type however, you might love this concealer. 


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