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Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm
I'm not sure if I've spoke about this before, but if not - that's crazy. You're looking at my ultimate skincare saviour, if you have dry, dehydrated, irritated, sensitive skin - you might just adore this as much as I do. (Don't let the price tag put you off, I promise it's worth it.) 

I used to swear by the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, and as much as I still love that product and will continue to buy it, the Sunday Riley Blue Moon 'tranquillity cleansing balm,' just over took the top spot. Soz Emna. And as far as cleansers go, this is pretty beautiful right? (Is that weird? I just really love luxury skincare.) 

This magical blue balm is such an amazing multi-talker - not only does it remove my make up easily and perfectly, it makes my skin feel baby soft and extremely clean. But, my favourite use for this product is as a face mask. I actually rarely use it as a cleanser, because it seems such a waste to wash it off after five minutes! Your skin will gain the benefits better and faster using this as a mask. 

Not only is it a joy to have sitting on your face for an hour (or overnight,) because it smells so 'tranquil,' as the name suggests. It really smells luxurious. But I leave this baby on my skin for an hour usually, or if my skin is feeling extra groggy - overnight. And I swear my skin is clear of any redness, making my skin look extremely even and picture perfect, it's so well hydrated and plumped because of it, it also reduces my pores and softens rough/dry patches because it has a slightly exfoliating texture when first rubbed into the face- which slowly wears away as it turns into more of an oil. I've also noticed a reduction in blemishes, as well as it improving the appearance of any current scarring etc. 

So if you suffer with any redness, dehydration, dryness, dullness etc - I can completely recommend this, it's your cleanser, gentle exfoliator and hydrating mask all in one. 


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