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Ok, so I had a major case of the January blues/post Christmas blues a few days ago. Honestly, since Christmas ended I've felt really low, drained, no motivation, I haven't been able to get out of bed for whole days - my mood really took a battering. And you know what cheers me up and gets me excited? Shopping. Some people get drunk, I like to buy make-up. (I also bought an iPad Pro but lets not talk about that...) Anyway, I went into Debenhams without any intention of buying a thing, but I came out with three new make up products and over one hundred pound down - do I hate myself or do I love myself? I'm not sure. Damn you persuasive high end make up counter women. 

dior Dior skin nude air Luminizer highlighter review
The Dior Skin Nude Air Luminizer is what caught my eye and dragged me over to the counter in the first place, and can you blame me? Look at it, it screams luxury. The highlighter is housed in this gorgeous embossed mirrored silver compact, and you can't ignore the detail on the actual powder its self, honestly each time I use this I grit my teeth - I don't want to ruin the gorgeous pattern. This shade is champagney, with a tiny hint of pink. Honestly, if you love a blinding highlight you need one of these, it might just be my new favourite - it gives an amazing glow but blends out like a dream because the formula is so smooth. (And lets be real, if you're paying forty pounds for a highlighter, you want it to be flawless.) 

Ysl touche éclat blur primer review
The YSL counter happened to be neighbours with Dior, so the Touche Eclat Blur Primer fell into my hands. I actually got this for my mum a couple of years ago so of course I had to steal a few pumps when she was at work. (Just me?) So I already knew I loved this, I'm so happy to have my own bottle of this golden magic. I mean, who doesn't want a primer with gold glitter particles inside? This is quickly becoming my new favourite primer, it does everything I want a primer to do and works amazingly on my combination skin - blurring pores, giving a soft focus effect, making my skin feel ultra silky and smooth and therefore giving me flawless foundation!

Dior skin nude air tan powder review
If you know me at all you'll know I love to be bronzed/tanned 24/7, so having a good selection of bronzers in my stash is a must because I get through them so quickly. I couldn't say no to this gorgeous Dior Skin Nude Air Tan Powder, it has the same stunning details and packaging as the highlighter and honestly I'm obsessed. This bronzer is so pigmented that such a little goes a long way, the formula is super smooth and therefore easily blendable. At £40, its the most expensive bronzer I own so I certainly want to use it sparingly. Would I spend forty pound on it again? No. But I'm very much enjoying it whilst I have it. 


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