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Guys, I finally got one. I've been seeing these beauties all over my Bloglovin' feed for months (and adding them to my online baskets every week,) but I finally committed. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I'm all about glittery eyeshadow and creating dramatic glam looks on the daily - but we all know using loose glitter is messy, a little tricky and sometimes really goes down badly with your eyes. So, if you can get the same amazing glitter crazy look - without the hassle and  stinging, watering eyes - well you just would, wouldn't you? Well at least that's what the fifty plus blog posts I've read about these told me anyway. 

After much, much deliberation I opted for the shade Smokey Storm, described as a 'light pewter and silver.' My first impressions were pretty fab, the actual product was bigger and chunkier than I was expecting, there's certainly a lot in the tube. My first swatch was actually the one pictured above, and honestly I was a little taken back at just how gorgeous it was - as you can see I got real carried away and ended up coating my entire hand in product.

This product is totally unique, we've all had great cream shimmer eyeshadows I'm sure, but this is a total step up in the game and although it's not quite like loose or pressed glitter, it's pretty damn close. This certainly hasn't replaced my loose glitters, but it certainly has a lot of perks. It truly delivers intense glitter and colour, but without any mess or any fall out. There's no glitter glue required, and you don't have to worry about it crumbling down your face.

I didn't think I would, but I'm loving the doe foot applicator. It actually packs the product onto your lid really well and evenly, it's the perfect size. The doe foot also allows you to layer, which transforms the look from a light wash of glitter to an intense, packed pigmented glitter show. The liquid literally glides onto your lids and sets in place - I've also found the doe foot really easy to apply the product under my eyes.

Another worry I had having hooded eyes and this formula being super creamy/liquid like, was that there would be major creasing and transfer. However, I've found that the product dries down pretty much instantly on the lid and doesn't budge. Very impressive.

Although they don't budge all day, they're surprisingly easy to remove. When I'm wearing loose glitters on my lids I find that they take a lot of rubbing, and then still end up all over my face after cleansing, it literally stays stuck in my eyelashes for days. Not the case with the Magnificent Metals, they remove easily just like your standard cream shadow.

I'm keen to get my mitts on the shade Smouldering Satin next, hopefully we'll see them in some mad January sales because they're pretty pricey at £23, for a single eyeshadow. (I mean, I know there's a lot of gorgeous product, but Stila isn't a luxury or really high end brand.) But over all, the Magnificent Metals are pretty magnificent.


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