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I cannot believe it's all over again for another year, the past few days have flew by, but they've been brilliant - and finally, after several Photoshop issues my what I got for Christmas post for 2017 is complete. I know a small percentage of people don't like these - and that's cool, just don't read it! But, I know a lot of people love to see these posts and I personally love reading them myself because I'm nosey as hell. I obviously haven't photographed everything because we'd be here all day, and quite frankly I couldn't be bothered to keep stacking things up. But just because they aren't photographed, doesn't mean I don't love them! Especially things like the money to pay off my credit card debt! 

zara long fur coat brown black
I picked out this new fur baby from Zara a few weeks ago and it was put away for me, I've been dying to wear it ever since so I'm over the moon to finally actually have it hanging in my wardrobe! It's a sort of long line style, with a brown/black fur and silk lining (with pockets!) I can't find it online to link it, but if I remember rightly I think it cost £100, I found it hidden in the corner of the shop!
 lush snow fairy gift set
Is it even Christmas if you don't get a Lush gift set? Na. I got two amazing sets this year, one of which was absolutely huge and contained 14 bath bombs in a gorgeous box. I also received the Snow Fairy set, containing the shower gel, body conditioner, bath bomb etc. (Also in a gorgeous box.)

jo malone earl grey and cucumber
Jo Malone is a tradition in my family at Christmas time, so I was restocked with my favourite scent - Earl Grey and Cucumber. It's such a unique and fresh fragrance.

neweer ring light
I finally got a ring light! I opted for a Neewer 14" light including the stand and carry case. I've took selfies with it already and I'm obsessed, I can totally see why everyone uses them now.

ren invisible pores detox mask lush dream cream Susanne Kaufmann bath oils
On the skincare front, I was chuffed to be stocked up with my holy grail moisturiser from Lush, the Dream Cream (which is the best thing ever.) I also got some gorgeous bits from Space Nk. I received another bottle of my favourite face mask - the REN Invisible Pores Detox, as well as some Susanne Kaufmann bath oils.

Emma hardie hydrating facial mist Sunday Riley blue moon balm
Also in my Space Nk bag was my favourite cleansing balm, the Sunday Riley Blue Moon balm - which I am so thrilled to have back in my life! This year I've fallen in love with spray on products, so I was very excited when I opened the Emma Hardie pump and glow hydrating mist. We all know I adore the Emma Hardie Morgina balm, so I'm hoping this is as equally gorgeous.

bondi sands liquid gold self tan eraser
Of course I got my favourite fake tan, and I now finally own the Bondi Sands Eraser which I've been desperate to try for months! I also received a Nars Audacious lipstick but I've completely forgotten what the shade was.

nike Air Force 1 black sedue and tan sole
I finally got the Nike Air Force 1's I've been lusting after for the longest time, I know a lot of people got a pair of these and my mum told me how difficult it was to get a hold of a pair in my size.

My mum killed the stocking filler game with teeth whitening stuff, which I was buzzing about to be honest. I also received a gorgeous Verbena candle which smells insane, and I finally got one of those light up mirrors to do my make up in!

Prada cinema sunglasses black and gold
I literally live in my current sunglasses, so it was about time I got a designer pair. I'm so happy to finally have my Prada Cinema glasses! I chose the black and gold colour way so they match with everything.

barbie striped silk gown
Who else lives in their dressing gown? I'm so happy somebody got me this Barbie x Missguided robe, it's absolutely gorgeous and so cute - I've been living in it since Christmas Day. I also received a gorgeous new velvet and lace bra and thong set from Ann Summers. 

Moschino bomber jacket bag
Say hi to my new bae, I picked out this bag months ago as my 'main' present from my parents and honestly I've been looking forward to it ever since. I am truly in love with it and cannot wait to start wearing it out (although I'm a bit scared to even take it out the duster bag!)

Givenchy black logo sliders
I've wore my current sliders to death this year, so it was only right to invest in a designer pair (right?) These Givenchy sliders were so hard for my boyfriend to get a hold out because they're sold out everywhere, so he ended up paying an extra twenty pound shipping from the USA. I'll be wearing these to death without a doubt, so it's totally okay.

si intense armani Viktor and Rolf bon bon
I got another two of my favourite perfumes, Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon and Giorgio Armani Si Intense. I've been without these since last Christmas so I'm happy to have full up bottles back. 

 I got some more cute stocking fillers, such as Zoella Beauty products, a Liz Earle cleanser, lip balms,  lush shower gels, body conditioners etc. 

The bedding set I got was the best thing ever, it was literal teddy bear fur everywhere. I now have the worlds snuggest, softest bed for sure. You can find them in Next and I very highly recommend you get one. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received amazing gifts, I'm beyond happy with mine and already excited for next year!


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