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butter bronzer uk physicians formula bronzer review
If you’re looking for the perfect bronzer for pale skin, I’ve got you. Say hello to the summer holiday in a compact, with a drugstore price tag - the Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer is my new favourite getaway. It really delivers the full experience, and sits way above some of my high end bronzers in my mental charts. Now I understand why every British beauty lover rushes to the drugstore when they hit America to hunt this down or to stock up for their fix. Physicians Formula also just released Butter Highlighters to go alongside this cult favourite - I have one shade and I can confirm they’re as equally gorgeous. 

Formula wise, the name says it all. I was quite shocked when I first received this, the formula was not as I expected (in a very good way.) This thing is like a silk cushion, it almost feels bouncy and fluffy because it’s so insanely soft, and you guessed it, buttery. It truly is the smoothest softest powder-ish product I’ve ever tried. (That’s a huge statement.) 

I don't know how they did it but if I could bottle up a summer holiday it would smell exactly like this bronzer. You know when you walk into your hotel lobby and you can smell sun tan lotion and cleanliness and sun and food? It's that, but like x100. I spend way too long sitting boffing this up my nose before I actually apply it, it's that good. Beachy, fresh, coconutty, tanny. Just a nose full of  exotic goodness. I can't get enough of it and it still baffles me how they've managed to put such a gorgeous and strong scent in this product. (The new Butter Highlighters also have the same scent, just not quite as strong!)

And let's just take a minute for the ultra tropical vibes you get from the packaging. I mean it doesn't look high end or expensive (because it isn't) and it feels very plasticy and flimsy - but I love the colour scheme and over all feel of it all because it matches the scent perfectly. (I've also got a 'thing' for palm trees/leafs so...) In-fact thinking back, this actually came in a box - which we don't typically get with drugstore things here in the UK. So that's an extra something something.

The colour of this bronzer isn't too orangey at all, in fact if I have fake tan on I can get away with using this as a contour as well because there's certainly a fair share of cool undertones in here. And because this literally glides onto your face and blends like a dream, it's easy to build up or buff down.

And fear not, you don't have to be taking a trip to the USA to buy this now because Target now ship to the UK and you can find the Physicians Formula range here at US prices!


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