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Say hello to my new favourite foundation. Yep, that's right. This new release from Huda has knocked out my holy Marc Jacobs Re(Marcable) Full Cover Concentrate that I swear by, I never thought I'd be saying this, wow it's the end of an era. 

Everyone clearly went mad for this upon release because it was sold out everywhere, I was checking every stockist on a daily basis waiting for my shade to come back in stock. I finally found it at Harrods,(and had to pay five pound delivery, whats up with that!?) and ended up going for the shade Angel Food, which I think was the second lightest. (Also, how adorable is the shade name?) I think the lightest shade was Milkshake, which is equally as cute. This foundation has an amazing shade range by the way, I couldn't believe the lightest one was actually too pale even for me! 

I've never tried a Huda Beauty product and not loved it, but I just wasn't expecting it to totally wipe out my beloved Marc Jacobs. The Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation is described as a 'velvety full coverage foundation that will give you a flawless and long lasting look.' It claims to hide blemishes, conceal imperfections and camouflage dark circles. As for what it does? It claims to blend seamlessly and dry to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey. It also boasts a bunch of good for your skin ingredients such as Argan Oil. 

That's a lot of bold claims right? I mean, she really sold it to me before I'd even read one review so you have to give her credit. And y'know what? I'm really glad I jumped on this on release week, I can totally back up everything this foundation says it is and does. This stuff is literally like a skin miracle in a bottle, I can't stop myself from using It everyday despite the fact I have about twenty other foundations. 

I truly believe this foundation will work with any skin type, and I've never been able to say that about any other foundation before, like ever. I have combination skin, but some days it's a little more dry than others, and then it can also play up oily some weeks. This foundation still performs amazingly no matter what kind of skin time I'm having. 

One pump of this covers my entire face, and considering the bottle is really generously sized I have a good feeling that this will last a little eternity. I always apply mine with a damp Beauty Blender, and it really does give me a flawless full coverage base that lasts all day. 

I also got a sample of the primer Huda released alongside this foundation, which is sold as the 'Complexion Perfection Pre-Make Up Base,'  which I also really really like so I'll be for sure picking up the full size after I've finished my Christmas shopping. The primer works amazingly with the Faux Filter foundation, but equally as great with my others too! It's quite thick, but it's super hydrating and smooth with the perfect amount of tackiness to help your make up stay all day. This primer isn't great for pores or a lot of glow - but for hydration, smoothness, and longevity this is the one for the job. Possibly making it more targeted at dehydrated/dry/normal skin types. Just like the foundation, a dime sized amount will prep your entire face - so you're getting a lot more bang for your buck. 

I'm aware that a lot of people are complaining about the scent/fragrance in both of these products, but personally I like it and don't think it's over powering, it's just like the signature scents you would find in say YSL or Chanel foundations for example, and the fragrance totally disappears after you've loaded on powders, bronzers, highlighter etc.

The Faux Filter foundation is currently £32 and available here in most shades at the moment! The Complexion Perfection pre-make up base is £27 and currently in stock here. I cannot recommend the foundation enough, thank me later. 


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