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Every single one of us at some point ends up feeling anxious about our own features. But what if the key to feeling beautiful was about working from the inside out? Amazingly, there are many ways you can trick your brain into a sense of happiness, which as a result will help us all feel that bit more special, and sexy. Here are a few ways to help address these anxieties.

Yes, smiling has a positive effect on our mind, but it also has a positive effect on our face. And while there are plenty of cosmetic clinic & aesthetic treatments for the face, facial expressions, specifically smiling ones, does a lot for the muscles around the eyes and the lips, which will result in a more youthful appearance on your face. Remember, your brain can be tricked into certain things, and feeling good is one of them, this is why so many athletes do positive self-talk and smile at themselves in the mirror.

Address Your Posture... 
We've all seen those advice columns on making yourself feel better by standing taller and sitting taller, but it's actually true. In keeping your shoulders back, your chest open, and your head up, you are signalling your brain to evoke a message of feeling good about yourself. There are numerous Ted talks about the power of presenting yourself in a certain way, and it's not just about making yourself feel good, but it can have positive repercussions on everyone else. If you exert a certain message in your body language, you will get better results. Not only is posture great for your frame of mind, so you feel better, but you're putting less pressure on your joints and your back, which will age if not used properly. Remember, your body is like a machine, and it can adapt.

Wear Brighter Colours...
If you don't feel beautiful, you may tend to try and avoid standing out of the crowd, by wearing colours that blend in with the background better. But, in wearing a bit of colour, it can be the perfect accessory to light up your face, and therefore lift your spirits. You don't need to go and wear a rainbow-coloured jumpsuit; you could just add a splash of colour by wearing a scarf. Blue is always a great choice to help lift your spirits.

Oxygenating yourself is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body, and not only does it feel good, but it will help you to look younger. Practise some deep breathing or even some meditation, and you will reap the benefits. Remember, lots of people don't breathe as deep as they should and when you address this, and start to breathe deeper, are now oxygenating themselves better, which helps to replenish every aspect of your body, which will help you feel, and look, youthful.

Feeling beautiful isn't always about how you look, but it does certainly help! These few methods are simple, but they are effective ways to help you feel better on the inside, and you will look better on the outside.
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