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Nars Velvet Matte Foundation Stick Review
I finally ventured into the world of foundation sticks, I've been eyeing up the likes of the Make Up Forever HD stick for years but it just didn't excite me enough to pay the price. But, when one of your favourite brands releases a new product, it looks great, sounds perfect, you know your perfect shade? That excited me. It's very unlike me to not read a lot of reviews before buying a product, and I've had my fair share of hyped product disappointments but thankfully this 'aint one of them.

The NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick is housed in a matte black dual ended component, with the foundation in a twist up on one side and a black application/blending sponge on the other. I personally haven't used the sponge provided on this stick because to be honest I just forget about it, but I really wasn't bothered about that and just wanted to love this foundation. However, the sponge does feel really great in texture, it isn't as bouncy and soft as my Beauty Blender, it reminds me more of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The touch up sponge is also removable. (Does that really serve any purpose or have any advantages? I can't think of any.)

I was quite shocked with how small this was when it arrived, but now I've seen other foundation sticks I think it's pretty average. There is a small amount of product that actually twists up, it pains me to watch it disappear a little more each time I use it and it flattens and I'm pretty sure this isn't going to last me very long in comparison to your typical foundation in a bottle/tube - probably about half the time. (But it's still the same price as their other bottled foundations. So obviously less bang for your buck.) 

Don't be fooled by the name because this foundation is not matte, well, it's not how I would think of matte. It gives me a finish somewhere in-between matte and dewy - can we say a satin finish? Is that a thing? So it would work great for normal, dry and combination skin. I personally have normal/combination skin and this leaves my face looking glowy, but not greasy or oily. I can comfortably wear a powder on top and it doesn't cake or feel dry. I do not recommend trying to skip powder with this foundation, because the texture is so creamy it almost demands to be set. Personally I had no issues with it not being 'set,' because I apply primer and then use powder followed by setting spray. 

The coverage is a solid medium with a generous amount applied to the face, the foundation is really creamy and blends like an absolute dream so you could 100% apply two layers if you want full coverage, (although I wouldn't recommend because then it wouldn't last long at all.) With the stick you do have total control, so if you wanted a light coverage you could totally achieve that too just by applying a few stripes of product. It's very versatile. 

In conclusion, I really like this foundation and love how comfortable it is on my skin. The finish is proving perfect for this time of year when your skin tends to be drier. I would recommend this to anyone with dry/dehydrated skin, normal skin looking for a glowy natural finish, and combination skin looking for something that isn't matte, but doesn't end up looking oily and greasy. This foundation would also be really handy for anyone that tends to have long days and needs to touch up their make up mid-day, or does their make up on the go, because its very compact and already has your sponge waiting for you. 

The NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick is £30 and available to buy from several retailers below. 


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