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Beauty Blender Midas touch
When they say 'treat your self,' I don't think they quite mean spend 100 on makeup every week...but someone let me have a credit card, (why?) so this happened. How do I justify this? It's for the blog, It's always for the blog. I wish I could say the same for the seventy pounds I've spent on Domino's this week, is yolo still a thing? (Damn those new Chocca-Locca-Pizzas are my new guilty pleasure.)

I genuinely needed a new Beauty Blender anyway, so I was really happy to see Cult Beauty had their Christmas Midas Touch Bauble, which is great value. Not only do you get your Beauty Blender in a pretty Christmas bauble, but you also get a Pure Solid Cleanser all for £18. The cleanser is such a simple and quick way to deeply clean your blender, and I could never justify paying for it alone so I'm really glad to have it back. 

However, I definitely did not need another highlighter because I have way too many for one face, but I'm a sucker for packaging so I got it anyway. (Do I hate myself? Kind of.) I very guiltily added the Jouer Skinny Dip Collection Highlighter to my basket. In my last Cult Beauty haul I picked up the Jouer Skinny Dip Foiled Eyeshadow palette, I absolutely raved about that thing and it's still one of the most beautiful items in my stash - so if that was anything to go by, this highlighter was gonna be fabulous. (And if you're interested in that, you can read that post here.) This highlighter did not disappoint, the formula is extremely buttery and smooth and a joy to apply, and very much blinding.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Famous
I 'needed,' an Autumnal lip colour in my life so I headed to the Huda Beauty section first. I absolutely love the formula of the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks so I was overjoyed to see a shade that matched exactly what I had in mind. And that perfect shade is Famous, a strong purple toned Burgundy. I love everything about these lipsticks, from the unique and fun packaging to the thin weightless, non drying and long lasting formula. What more do you want? Famous looks a little darker in photographs and in the tube than it looks on the lips. 

I re-purchased the NYX Matte Setting Spray, which is my favourite setting spray ever. I haven't been able to get my hands on this for months because it's constantly out of stock, so I've been using Urban Decay's All Nighter, but it just does not compare to this, it's half the price and double the effect. 

Another repurchase, the Huda Beauty Scarlett Lashes are my go to. I never leave the house without these on, (unless I'm hiding under sunglasses, lol. Who do I think I am?) I never use any other lashes, I've been using this style for over a year now and I would never go back and I'm too scared to change.  I find these lashes so easy to apply, the band is the perfect thickness and I get a ridiculous amount of wear out of one pair. I can make a set of these last a good three months, (I do clean them, just to clarify.) People always ask what lashes I'm wearing on my Instagram, it's always these! 

NYX thats the point eyeliner
My favourite liner was out of stock, which killed me a little inside. Like a lot of other people I'm usually very faithful to the Stila Stay All Day liner because for me it does everything perfectly. So my second thought was the NYX Epic Ink, which was also out of stock. So, I finally opted for the NYX 'That's The Point' liner. And it's alright I suppose, it'll do me until I can get my hands back on bae. It's such a tiny eyeliner, like I was genuinely shocked when I tipped it out of its box. Like, where's the rest of my eyeliner? It has a very small tip and it's so skinny that it's quite awkward to handle. 

NYX cookie butter intense butter gloss
I was very excited about the four NYX glitter pots I picked up, I've used these little pots of joy everyday recently. I picked up four shades: Gold, Silver, Teal and Bronze. I've been using them on my eyes and so far, so very good. I have really sensitive, watery eyes and these glitters don't upset them at all. (And thank God because I got four.) I use the NYX Glitter Glue, (which I also got in this haul but forgot to get in the photographs, I hate myself.) I pat that onto my eyelid and then wet a flat brush, I dip the flat brush into the pot of glitter and just pat it on and then use a setting spray to make sure it stays there as long as possible. (Check out this and this image on my Instagram to see the silver and gold shades in action! And keep an eye out for pictures of the others this week.)

Last but not least, two more from NYX - a repurchase and a newbie. I literally live in the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Cookie Butter, it's actually the first lip product I have ever used up, (which says a lot.) I could just not be without this in my life, it's my ideal shade and the formula is to die for. Buttery, glossy, hydrating, pigmented and long lasting as far as lipgloss goes. Whenever I'm wearing a nude gloss, it is always this gem. You can check out me wearing this here.

Because I love Cookie Butter so much, I thought I'd try the NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade Butter.  It's very similar to my beloved, but obviously matte, and not a gloss. Again, I've fallen in love with this perfect light, cool nude shade and this is my new favourite matte lipstick. The formula is non drying and really comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 


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