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Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review
I finally got my paws on the hottest mascara on the block, after it being sold out everywhere since its release! It's very unlike me to buy a product without reading any reviews on it first, but I couldn't resist the packaging of the new Troublemaker Mascara - and I've never tried an Urban Decay product and not liked it. I've tried two mascaras from Urban Decay already and they were two of the best. So, if that was anything to go by - I was safe going in blind buying this newbie. 

First of all, I adore the packaging of this mascara, it's by far my favourite. The holographic tube is double walled in a clear tube, almost like a case. This makes the mascara feel quite weighty, and therefore more expensive. I personally love how 'fat' the whole thing is overall. The wand and the brush are also both really girthy, which I also personally prefer in my mascaras.

I was so happy when I saw that the applicator wasn't hard plastic (like Benefit They're Real.) It has silicone bristles, both long and short in clusters of three. The head is the perfect size to grab every lash at once and lift comfortably from the roots - and I was able to reach the inner and outer lashes. I like to apply two coats, it doesn't build clumpy and you could probably apply three. With two layers my lashes still feel considerably light and not at all weighed down with product.

This mascara is promoted as 'super fat, super long and sex proof,' with 13.7x the volume. For me, this isn't a volumising mascara. Does that mean it's bad? No, not at all. In fact, I really like this mascara. For me, this a very defining mascara, it really grabs each lash and separates them extremely well. It gives a fluttery effect, with a little added length.  Is it sex proof? I can't confirm, but it doesn't flake on me, or give me panda eyes. 

Troublemaker is infused with Vitamin E and 'ultralight fibres,' which both pleased me and scared me. I'm all down for the Vitamin E and other ingredients that nourish the lashes, however the word fibres always scares me because my eyes are highly sensitive. I'm very happy to conclude the formula didn't irritate my eyes. 

I personally don't think this should be marketed so heavily as a volumising mascara. However, I wasn't at all disappointed and think this might just land as number two in my mental mascara top charts. We all know Too Faced Better Than Sex is my number one by now, right? Over all, I'd give Troublemaker 4 out of 5 on the Sephora scale. 

If you want to trial this mascara, you can now buy a mini/travel size component too, Urban Decay really earn extra points for that. Who doesn't love a miniature?! You can shop the mini and the gift set including the 24/7 Glide On Liner in a limited edition pouch below...


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