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Too Faced Primed And Poreless Pressed Powder Review
Being a combination skin gal, I find that I'm always on the hunt for the perfect setting powder. It needs to check everything on my list to make the cut: pore blurring, mattifying, translucent, not drying, not cakey, finely milled, and of course just good at keeping my foundation in place. 

I recently raved about the new Urban Decay Velvetizer in this post. Shortly after I went out and purchased the Too Faced Primed & Poreless pressed powder, thinking that it would overtake the Velvetizer for the number one spot. 
And has it? Kind of. Honestly, at the moment they're both very much in first place and they both have a couple of cons. (I'm also fully aware that Too Faced claim this is a powder primer, but for me that's just not even worth considering with my skin type and to be honest I don't know how anyone could put foundation on top of this.)

For starters, I'm not a huge fan of the Too Faced packaging because in my opinion it's quite tacky looking and feels pretty cheap. However, the pink compact includes your pressed powder, a decent sized mirror and hidden underneath is a blotting/touch up type of flat sponge with the Too Faced logo stitched in on a silk tag, which does make it feel a little more like it should for the price point. 

I am a bit concerned about how much product is in this pan, because of the compact being in two layers (one for the powder and one for the sponge,) it really doesn't seem like the powder pan is very deep at all. But of course, it is a pressed product so it could end up being deceiving and lasting a long time. I use a pretty large fluffy powder brush to apply it, (I highly recommend this one) and I find that I have to dip into the product about 4 times to do my entire face. 

This powder does everything I would want my perfect setting powder to do and then some. The stand out features for me are how it changes the texture of your makeup base/skin. Once I've put this all over my face, my skin looks almost airbrushed - pores are vanished and my foundation looks more smooth and silky. This powder didn't make me feel dry at all, it controlled my shine/oil pretty well for a decent amount of time before I needed to touch up. (Which this powder is also great for because it's compact, has its own sponge and a mirror, and the fact it's pressed means it won't go all over if you're applying on the go!) 

I would highly recommend this powder for anyone with normal/combination skin. Actually, it's so packed with good ingredients like vitamins that it would probably work for dehydrated and possibly dry types too. 


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