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Honest Glossier Skincare and makeup bad Review
If you saw my Glossier Haul Post, you'll know how excited I was about the brand finally being available in the UK. I spent a lot of money and nearly spent more, I had massively high hopes because the brand and the products I bought in particular are very hyped and have a cult like following.

I hate to admit it and I really didn't want to believe it myself, but I am so disappointed in the products. More disappointed than I've ever been in any brand, the question everyone is asking is 'is it worth the hype?' No, it's certainly not and I recommend you really do your research before purchasing. I did not at all expect to be writing a negative review because I was expecting to adore everything and want to repurchase. If you want to know what went wrong, what was okay, and what was awful, read on...

1. The falsely advertised Priming Moisturiser...

This is probably the most hyped and loved Glossier product, it promises deep hydration, redness reduction, pore minimisation, smoothness, make up longevity. It also says it's hypo-allergenic, which it really isn't. This product actually contains a hidden Retinol. Glossier changed the ingredients of this product to a cheaper, compromised formulation and a lot of their avid followers aren't happy. (And neither am I.) I read some horror stories from the Glossier site, some people got acne, cystic acne, rashes, increased sensitivity, sun damage etc. I am someone who never gets spots, sometimes I get a couple on my period on my chin- so when I got a huge painful spot on my cheek and forehead, and loads of little blemishes around my face in general, I knew something was really wrong. It's safe to say, I've put this product to the back of my shelf and I'll probably never use it again. A huge waste of money, and a massive disappointment. You really need to be careful with this product, especially if your skin is sensitive, acne prone etc. It also makes your skin very vulnerable to sun damage, and clogs your pores incredibly- I had so many blackheads after a week of using this. I would only try to use this again if they changed the formula back to the old, original one. This new formula also contains Honeysuckle which a lot of people have bad reactions to. I found that my skin slightly burned and itched when I applied this sometimes, and I'm not overly sensitive.

glossier soothing face mist review burning eyes

2. The coveted Balm Dot Com that wrecked my lips...

This is supposed to be a deeply moisturising balm for dry/chapped lips, I opted for the Birthday Cake flavour - which does smell and taste amazing, but what it ended up doing to my lips wasn't so. For the first couple of days all was well, but by day three I noticed that my lips were getting very dry and chapped, and they were perfectly fine before I started using this product. I kept on using it anyway, thinking that it couldn't possibly be doing a reverse job! And then I slept with this on my lips overnight, and I woke up to my lips feeling completely retextured and extremely raw. It almost felt like all the skin had been took off my lips, so I stopped using it and within three days my lips have improved and went back to how they were before I started using this 'balm.'

3. The famous Boy Brow that everyone loves?

I got this in shade black, because, you guessed it- I have jet black hair. (I usually use ABH products in their darkest shade which is Granite.) This product is not for me, and even if you do have black hair I would highly recommend you do not get the black shade because it looks utterly ridiculous. My brows looked so cakey and Sharpie like, not to mention it took me about 10 minutes longer to get them right with this. You can't get any sort of gradient look because the brush is so small and highly compact that it shoves a lot of product on a small space at once. I was finding that clumps of the gel were just clinging to 1 brow hair, and it is incredibly hard to correct without smudging it all over your face. I can only see this working ok if you have a lot of natural brow hair that's already relatively dark and don't like sculpted or sharp brows.

4. The 'soothing' face mist that set my eyes alight...

The irony that this is supposed to be a soothing face mist, this stuff burns my eyes to the point of having to use a cold compress and close them for ten minutes. It doesn't matter if you close your eyes while you spray this on, my eyes still felt like they were on fire. It also makes my face feel quite itchy. It reduces my redness slightly, and adds a tiny bit of moisture, but I have to mentally prepare myself before spraying it. I've used a fair few facial sprays over the years and none of them have ever affected my eyes.

glossier stretch concealer review light

5. The Milk Jelly Cleanser everyone and their dog loves...

Finally, I have something positive to say, and thank God not every penny I spent was a huge waste. I actually love this cleanser! This is a product that is truly worth the hype and to be honest I cannot fault it. The texture of this cleanser is so unique and wonderful to work with, kinda like jelly. A little goes a long way and the whole bottle/pump situation means it's probably going to last a long time - 2 pumps does my entire face. I leave this to sit on my face for about five minutes and use a muslin cloth to wipe it away. My skin always feels super smooth and soft, and pretty hydrated as far as cleansers go. (I don't feel the need to moisturise immediately.) I would recommend this product and will repurchase.

6. Stretch Concealer...

Think of this concealer as the tinted moisturiser of the concealer world. This concealer is not about coverage. I was very sceptical about ordering this because the 'light,' shade isn't really light looking at all and it appears very orange in the pot. However I was advised by a Glossier rep that it was very forgiving, which I can totally vouch for. This concealer is strictly for under my eyes where I don't need much coverage and also have my dry parts. The concealer is very light and thin, but it does build up easily. Would I repurchase? No. But it wasn't awful and essentially does what it said it would. I bought this knowing it wouldn't have good coverage but assured it was hydrating for my dry under eyes. Would I recommend it? Meh, if you don't need much coverage, or like extremely natural make up and aren't pale, then yeah. It's not really for me but I'll continue to use it purely so I haven't wasted a lot of money.

glossier wowder review honest review

7. Wowder, is it really wow or just powder...

I usually use translucent powder, so to use a powder that is coloured was quite scary, especially considering the lightest option is actually 'light/medium,' ...and I am not medium. Again, in the jar it looks very orange and dark for me, but it actually was forgiving and only added a little more colour, so I did need extra bronzer on my neck. The first time I used this I absolutely hated it, I've never seen my face look SO dry and caked. It completely wrecked my base and I had to start over again - it added colour and coverage and ever so slightly 'blurred,' my pores etc. But I've not picked this up to use it again since that first experience, I don't want to risk to be honest. If you have really oily skin and aren't really pale, this might be your new best friend. However, I do love the packaging (but that's really besides the point and I've still wasted money.)

Over all, it's obvious I haven't had a good experience with Glossier and I'm beyond disappointed. I really can't believe how much of a let down its been and how bad some of these products are. Despite all of this, I am still keen to try their Super Pure Serum and their two face masks, which I'll probably buy when I go back to re-purchase the holy Milk Jelly Cleanser.

I feel like I was very fooled by the pretty packaging and cutesy customer service, the whole brand aesthetic won me over and this post is to ensure nobody else is a victim of that. The whole brand is nice enough, they're generous with samples, packaging and adding extra touches - so that's why I'm still open to trying a few more products that I mentioned above. At least I know now what to stay away from.

I've included some better alternatives to the products I hated below, if you are looking for a new face mist/brow product/powder/brightening hydrating concealer and you've changed your mind after reading this.


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