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Too Faced You Light Up My Life Highlighter Review Gold
I remember a long while ago now I was very excited about Too Faced finally adding more highlighters to their product line up, and when I first saw the sneak peaks of these Love Light Prismatic Highlighters and how insanely gorgeous they looked, I was pretty prepared to buy all three shades immediately. But, the reviews started circling and the overall opinion was very negative, which was extremely disappointing and surprising, because Too Faced rarely disappoint. 

So, I left it months and months and then recently these seemed to of popped up again in the Blogosphere - I've read a few very positive reviews over the past few weeks with gorgeous swatches of this particular shade, so I decided just to take the plunge with the golden shade 'You Light Up My Life,' 1 of only 3 shades.

First things first, this highlighter is obviously gorgeous to look at and have on display. The packaging gives me major Polly Pocket vibes but Polly Pocket after a major luxe glow up. Inside is equally as beautiful, the powder has the signature Too Faced logo embossed in the centre of little golden pyramids. It's like the inside of a treasure chest.

When I switched this upon delivery, the gold pigment was really intense and unlike any other 'gold' highlighter I have, this isn't just gold toned or hinted, it's pure golden. I don't recommend this at all for fair skin, (unless you're like me and use bronzer as an all over face and neck powder so my skin changes from NC10 to NC40 with the swipe of a brush.)

Too faced you light up my life highlighter swatch pale skin
However when I applied this to my face it really didn't look so intense or pigmented, and the second thing I noticed was how glittery it was. It certainly wasn't blinding or intense which personally is what I like and that's how it swatched. On your face with a brush it definitely comes out as more of a gold glitter and not a smooth glow. I tried to apply a few 'layers' of the product but nothing seemed to change.

I don't hate this by any means, and I'll keep it in my collection in case I ever change my mind about how I like my highlighter. It's also really nice in my inner corners when I create a smokey golden and brown eye look. If you have a medium skin tone, and like a more subtle highlight this might just work really well for you.

If you want a more blinding highlighter from Too Faced, I highly recommend the Candlelight Glow, which was released several years ago and I absolutely love. This highlighter is majorly under-rated and deserves a lot more hype than these Prismatic ones in my opinion, I've re-purchased it twice over the course of four years. The packaging isn't as pretty as these new ones, but the glow is much more intense and buildable with less actual glitter and more silkiness. Check it out below alongside the other shades of the Love Lighters.


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