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Formula 10.0.6 Skincare Review
Say hello to the new skincare brand on the block, Formula 10.0.6 - this brand is supposedly packed with natural ingredients that are designed to tackle troublesome skin. I've been testing out a few of their products recently which I admit did scare me a little at first because my skin is very sensitive, but so far I've really enjoyed them so here's the run down...

My favourite so far is the Night Perfector* cream, despite the name I just use this whenever I'd usually use a moisturiser. This is marketed as an overnight hydrating cream that soothes and balances your skin. Helping to prevent the appearance of blemishes and brighten your skin. The stand out ingredients are Blackcurrant, Liquorice and Cranberry with a hint of Aloe and Vitamin C. Sounds pretty amazing right? This moisturiser is providing just the perfect amount of hydration for my combination skin right now and I'm really growing to the unique scent. I do believe this has some slight soothing/calming benefits on my skin and also a little goes a long way. 

My second in the hierarchy is without a doubt the Be Berry Smooth Moisturising Peel Mask.* As you can probably guess this is filled with Blueberry, as well as Pineapple and it's rich in antioxidants. This is essentially a hydrating and smoothing mask, I squirt a few spots onto my face and rub it in,  focusing on areas like around my nose that get very irritated and dry. The mask smells very pleasant and I can back up its claims for hydration and softness. I peel this off from my chin upwards, kinda like a sheet mask - and my skin feels really soft and well nourished. 

The second face mask I've been enjoying is the Three Times Sublime,* which is actually a wash, scrub and mask all in one. I use this as a face mask on my oily t-zone both to absorb the oil and minimise my huge pores. The natural ingredients in this include Pink Grapefruit and Jojoba, so it smells amazing. I sit with this on my face for a good fifteen minutes, and then when it comes to washing it off, the Jojoba beads act as an exfoliator. Killing two birds with one stone? Yes please.

Another one for the oily skinned amongst us is the So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser.* To me this is more of a toner, I personally can only use this on my forehead and chin because the rest of my face is highly sensitive and there's a hefty amount of alcohol in this product. However, looking at other reviews online everyone seems to adore this for oily skin and acne- so if you suffer with those this might be worth looking into. I did dibble into this a few times, just a small amount on a cotton pad and ran it over my chin where I noticed it did absorb a lot of oil and make it feel very clean and sort of 'stripped.'

Last, and probably least for me is the Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser.* This is formulated with Blackberry and Coconut Milk. It's supposed to moisturise your skin but also wash away impurities, I used this twice and I've come to the conclusion that personally I'd skip this. It didn't 'foam,' on my face like the name suggested and I really didn't feel any hydration or softness. It was just really a bit underwhelming and I didn't see any stand out features that I enjoyed like the other products. 

Over all, I'm really glad I've had the opportunity to try out this brand, I've never heard about it before so it's certainly a hidden gem. I think this brand is particularly amazing for oily skinned/acne prone  type skins. Formula 10.0.6 is available in selected Boots stores and online at Asos, (see below.) they have so many more amazing looking products that I'd love to try out too.


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