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Drugstore skincare routine for combination skin
I used to spend a lot of money splashing out on high end skincare, I refused to use 'drugstore' products- so a bit of a skincare snob. But recently I've been buying pretty much every step of my skincare routine from the drugstore, I really think cheaper brands have stepped up their game majorly recently. The only high end product in my skincare routine now is my cleanser, which of course is my trustee Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which I wouldn't be without.

Annoyingly, all of my skincare seems to run out at the same time so I always have to do a huge Superdrug/Boots order to replenish my entire routine. So here's the new products I decided to try out this month and what I think of them.

Garnier SkinActive Anti Blemish Clarifying Tonic
I had to mention this first because I fell in love with this from the first use and it's almost time for me to repurchase, (which I definitely will be doing.) I pour some of this watery gel like liquid onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face, paying most attention and concentrating more product around my t-zone where I'm more prone to pore issues, blemishes etc. I've noticed a huge difference to my skin since using this on a daily basis- my t-zone is less oily, my pores have slowly become much tighter and I literally haven't had one spot or even a blemish...for over two weeks. I'm uber impressed with this product.

La Roche Posay Serozinc 
I've seen a lot of blog posts including this product over the years so I decided to just get it whilst it was on offer in Superdrug. To be honest, I really don't know what this product is supposed to do - for me it doesn't do anything for my skin (I don't think so anyway,) I literally just spray this on when I feel a little sluggish and can't be bothered with my full skincare routine. I suppose it is a great product for lazy days and when you just need a pick me up, but I wouldn't re-purchase. 

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
I usually use the Vitamin E facial spray from The Body Shop near Winter when my skin gets super dehydrated, but since I was already in Superdrug I thought I'd just look for an alternative in there. I got this Evian Facial Spray because it was only about £4 at the time. The ingredients in this spray are very simple and it's heavily water based (obviously.) It didn't provide quite enough moisture for my liking but still made my skin feel fresh and hydrated.  This spray wasn't really anything special and I wouldn't pay full price for it but I would re-purchase for the sake of spending enough to get free delivery and happily use it. Which brings me onto the next product...

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist
I heard really great things about this and I was really optimistic about trying it - plot twist, I hate this and definitely would not re-purcahse. It is hydrating but it leaves a weird white fuzzy layer on my skin and makes my skin feel very clogged, alongside a weird tingling around my eyes. I really don't know what happened with this because everyone else seems to love it, but it's truly the strangest thing to ever grace my skin. Of course there are positives, such as the fact it has an SPF factor and can be used over make up- but this really didn't work for me unfortunately, it's the first time I've disliked a Garnier product. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb Antioxdiant Day Cream
Also from the same 'line,' of Garnier products was this moisturiser. I opted for the daytime version rather than the night because my skin is combination so I thought the night cream might be too rich for my oily areas. This moisturiser made a lot of hefty claims, (see the box in the image above.) And for me it didn't stand out or do anything for my skin that an average £4 Garnier moisturiser would do. I also found this moisturiser to have quite an unpleasant smell, so strong that it irritated my eyes and really made them burn and water. However, over all it did moisturise my skin very well and felt very light and refreshing. I've now purchased a new cream and I've put this to the back of my shelf just incase of emergencies.


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