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It's been a very long time since I shared the love for my favourite fellow bloggers, I could make an endless list of blogs and bloggers I love- but I've managed to narrow it down to a top six. If you don't already, go and follow all of these amazing girls and enjoy their content. 

Leah @ Devoted To Pink
Leah is like a sassy superwoman, she is my ultimate life goals and I pray to god I'm as successful and stunning as her when I'm in my 30's. She creates some gorgeous looks on her Instagram, and takes equally as gorgeous blog pictures. Her posts are always at the top of my 'to read,' list. Leah is so down to earth and relatable and I love watching her life on Instagram stories. She works hard on not just her blog but her own business, the ultimate #girlboss!

Gemma @ Gemma Louise
Gemma is another superwoman, she's a full time (and fabulous) single mother to her absolutely gorgeous baby Reuben. I love watching her Instagram stories, and she's recently started vlogging too! She runs an amazing blog, takes the most perfect photographs, looks after Ru, I don't know how she does it all so well. Her blog photography will give you some serious envy. Her new Youtube channel is my favourite, I always watch her videos first out of all of those in my sub box.

Emma @ Emmy Writes About
Emmy is like my blogging big sister, she is so supportive of me and to many other bloggers. She posts amazing content and manages to get out so many posts a week, her motivation is enviable. Poor Em is recovering from an accident, so she also creates custom blog headers! Em is such a credit to the blogging community, whether you need Photoshop advice or just a chat about life, she's always there and always so positive. She works so hard on her blog on a daily basis so she deserves a lotta love.

Lucy @ Forever September 
Lucy is like my blogging bestie, we've been interacting for over a year now and it's amazing how much I've seen her blog grow- and very rightly so! She carries a gorgeous, cool but laid back aesthetic all across her blog and social media, I can always tell a Lucy photograph, she has such a stamp on whatever she does, and she does it with love. She's been very supportive of me personally, and my blog- I've also loved keeping up with her mental health journey, and she does the exact same for me which is lovely.

Samm @ SClovin Beauty
This girl is talented with some pigment and a blending brush! She creates stunning looks over on her Instagram, and 100% deserves more recognition for her artistry. Her blog just got a makeover and it looks amazing, she's totally upped her game and I'm in awe of her whole brand right now. Her blog photography/aesthetic is so up my street and it always stands out on my feeds, she always reviews/talks about make up products I love or wish I had to love. Plus, she's such a supportive gal and another credit to the community. Always slaying.

Kasie @ Kasie Beauty
Kasie has an Instagram feed to die for, and an equally as beautiful blog. Her make up collection and room is a dream, like, I would give a finger to have her beauty room! If you're looking for good reviews, hauls, etc from drugstore to high end, Kasie is your gal to follow on Insta. She always interacts back with you, and again she is supportive and shares a lot of love! I know she works hard on her Instagram and her blog, and yet again she has photography to envy. (And a Kylie Cosmetics collection to envy!) I love her passion for make up, it really shows.

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  1. Oh my god you total babe!! Thank you for mentioning me. It means so much. I'm always here for you xx


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