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Lush Jelly Face Mask Review The Birth Of Venus
I'm a big fan of Lush's skincare offerings, so when I heard that they had released four new face masks in the form of jelly? I was sold, I can't say I've ever tried a jelly face mask so this is something real new and exciting. I was very sceptical about these masks, do they actually work or are they just a fun gimmick?

I got my hands on 1 of 4 of the new jelly face masks, "The Birth Of Venus" priced at £6.95. This mask is described as a balancing, toning refresher- to calm the skin and leave it soft. You get a reasonably small amount of product for the price compared to other lush masks, but after using it I must admit a little goes a long way. (You can see how much I used for one application in the image above.) My first application I got a little too much out, it ended up being a very thick layer of mask and I still had lumps down the back of my nails. On my second application I used a lot less and ended up with a very sheer layer- I suppose this is a positive factor because it means it is buildable to however you prefer your mask.

Pre-application is where I had the issue with this mask. After scooping out your preferred amount of jelly, you have to ensure you rub it between dry hands- this will create a paste like texture which then rubs into your skin. However, I find that a lot of the product falls out of my hands when I rub it together to create the paste, so a lot goes to waste each time. It even falls off my face in tiny balls. I made the mistake of using this mask in the bath when my hands were wet (obviously,) and it didn't transform at all and instead became a stiffer jelly that eventually just fell into my bath water.

The instructions for taking off the mask recommend using a wet face cloth, and after trying out cotton pads and running water from the shower head- I can confirm that a wet muslin cloth is the easiest, least messy way. I don't recommend using cotton pads, that got real messy and real sticky. (But this is just so typical of me to not read the instructions and end up making a mess.)

The end result? It was pretty nice. I have redness on and around my nose area and the first thing I noticed was that it had disappeared, and my skin did feel soft. My oily areas were tamed but yet my dry areas felt reasonably hydrated. I didn't feel the need to use my toner after removing it either, my skin felt fresh and purified already. So in conclusion, yes- this mask did do what it said on the tin.

I really want to try out the other 3 jelly masks now I know the best way to apply and remove it. Even if it didn't do anything it said it would, it still smells great and feels like a cushion on your skin, giving you the relaxation and 'pamper night,' vibe.


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  1. I bought the 1000 milihelens mask based on reviews and it smells so so bad. Should have definitely bought the birth of Venus or bunny moon cos I couldn't use it as the stench was so strong! Think I'll stick with the normal face masks for now.



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