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Lush Sleepy Cream Review Good Review
Can smothering on this body lotion before bed really help you fall asleep quicker and better? Yes, yes it can. Hard to believe right? I was sceptical too. Fellow insomniacs, worriers, and late night shoppers - listen up!

I've struggled with my sleep for years, and I've now reached a point where I rely on medication every night to get me to relax and without it I can be awake until the very early hours of morning, or just not sleep at all. So, of course when I went into Lush and spotted this new release I was all over it because I am down for trying anything to help me get some shut eye.  

'Sleepy,' is a newly released body lotion with Oatmeal, Lavender and Tonka Absolute. It is described as a rich lotion with organic cocoa butter that cools and enriches your skin- the how to use advises you to "blanket your body before stepping into soft pyjamas."

First of all, I absolutely adore the smell of Sleepy. If you've ever tried the Twilight bath bomb, you already have a rough idea because it's extremely similar. The scent is very relaxing and soothing, and I find that the scent also lasts a very long time on your body, it isn't too intense but it's enough to keep it flowing in your senses for hours on end. 

This lotion is very moisturising, it isn't thick and heavy and absorbs very quickly- I personally find the lotion being pink/purple in colour makes application less of a chore just because it looks pretty. I apply this lotion about half an hour before I get into bed, I focus the lotion on my neck, the back of my neck, behind my ears and on my arms. My skin is left baby bum soft and the aromas truly do make me feel more relaxed and a little sleepy. 

So it's great for your skin, it smells great, looks pretty- but does it really help you sleep? Yes, yes it does. I was extremely sceptical about this lotion as I expect anyone would be, but I truly believe I fall asleep with much less struggle and stress on nights I smother myself in this- funnily enough for the last week I haven't been having nightmares either - I can't be sure that it's the lotion, but it's looking that way. 

The aroma of Sleepy really gets to my senses, it's almost like it gets into my mind and finds an off button for my racing thoughts and worry. Over all, I am extremely impressed with this product and the results have been much better than I excepted. 


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