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Best make up brushes
It's been over 2 year since I last updated my top brush picks, and since then I've also grown quite a collection, I've nailed it down to my top 7. You need every one...

I've only experienced the joy of Tarte brushes because QVC always do amazing deals, I've never just bought a single Tarte brush and I probably never will, so it's always an enabling factor in me purchasing Tarte from QVC if I'm getting more bang for my buck.

I got the Airbrusher Double-Ended Concealer Brush with my Rainforest Of The Sea Aquaconcealer, not thinking I would use it because I swear by my Beauty Blender. However, one day my dog decided to eat my BB, (before I'd done my make up for the day.) So that's where that love story began - this brush is perfect for blending in concealer under and around your eyes, it fits into the contours perfectly. With my Rainforest of The Sea foundation purchase, I got the Double-Ended Complexion Brush. Which is basically a much fatter version of the concealer brush, a little more dense and has one tapered head. I usually hate foundation brushes, I just cannot work with them and it always ends up streaky and disgusting- so aside from my Beauty Blender this is the only exception. It was quite a break through for me to like the results from a foundation brush, so that speaks for its self.

Here comes the daddy, at £32 this is the most expensive single brush I've ever purchased (and ever will, may I add.) The NARS #21 Contour Brush was a real impulse buy, but y'know what? Thank God, I don't know how and what I would of been contouring with the past three years if I didn't have this. This brush is so perfectly shaped and angled/cut for sculpting your cheekbones. It provides such a controlled application and then also blends seamlessly.

Throwing a classic in next, the good old MAC 217 eye brush that never fails anyone- it's foolproof. Whether you're an eyeshadow novice or an MUA, this should be a staple in your kit and a worthy investment at £21. If I need quick, easy blending I always turn to this. If I was on a desert island and only allowed one eye brush, this one fo'shu.

A lot more budget friendly at £8.99, say hi to the Spectrum A01 Domed Powder Brush. There's not really much to say about a powder brush is there? This is just a good one, and so far my favourite. It doesn't pick up too much product, I use it for setting powder and it never makes me go overboard. Spectrum brushes are very silky and soft, (and bloody gorgeous!) So what's not to love?

Another singular saviour is the Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight Brush, I recommend this brush to anyone who uses highlighter, this is the best. It's perfectly tapered and sized, and it gives you total control of where you want your highlight. Whether you like it subtle or blinding, this brush will do the job. The bristles aren't too tightly packed or dense, so it never applies a white streak down yo cheeks. It's £13 on BeautyBay by it's self.

Last but not least, another eyeshadow saviour for me is the Morphe M330, at the very purse friendly price of £6.00, bargain for a bloody good blend if you ask me. Unlike the 217 I previously mentioned, this is a lot more tapered so it's great for cut creases, light dustings of colour or inner third blending. This was the first Morphe brush I'd tried, and considering its the cheapest brush I've got, it's not the worst performing! The bristles are so silky and gentle on your eye.


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