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Superdrug Solait Dark Lotion Review
I recently raved about the miracle tanning product that was only £3 from Superdrug in this post. So of course I had to go back to Superdrug and try out some more products from their Solait range, which has recently been re-packaged and it looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I wouldn't of ever purchased anything from this range without this packaging luring me in, so credit to you Superdrug. Good move.

My usual go to tan is the Bondi Sands Dark Mousse, which comes in at £15, but I've always sworn its worth the price tag because of its lasting power, colour and scent. The two products I picked up from Superdrug's Solait range were only £5 each, so that's already a good saving even with two products.

One of my favourite things about Bondi Sands is the scent, it doesn't have the curry stench that cheap fake tans usually have, it truly does smell like coconut in my opinion- I love how the smell stays lingering in my bedroom after applying it too. The Solait products claim to have a 'tropical scent,' which I can totally vouch for. They don't smell at all like your typical cheap self tanning products, they really do smell tropical and fresh.

When I apply a fresh layer of Bondi Sands, it will usually last 4-5 days perfectly and then begin to go patchy, and by day 7 it's a real mess and needs scrubbing off ASAP. I've found that the Solait Dry Oil isn't dark enough for me, so it needs two layers. The two layers lasted about 3 days nicely, and needed scrubbing off by day 5 because it looked a patchy mess. However, the Solait Dark Lotion lasted a little bit longer, and only required one layer- the colour was a little more orange than I'm used to with my Bondi Sands, but nothing too tangerine.

The application of the Dry Oil is my favourite by far, it's infused with Argan Oil so it really feels moisturising on the skin even a couple of days after the initial application. The oil gives a subtle glow to your tan, and a little goes a long way because it spreads out and blends like a dream. The lotion is quite thick, so it takes some more time and effort to spread around and I seem to use quite a lot- but it does have a better colour result than the oil.

Over all, for the price these products are fabulous. I've tried other cheap fake tans that are so orange and smell so bad, but with these I'm questioning whether or not to keep on buying my Bondi Sands. I would really recommend these products if you're looking for a good and affordable fake tan, especially the oil if you have dry skin. I did have my little complaints, but for £4.99, you can't knock them! I'm definitely going to be going back to Superdrug for a third time and trying out more from their Solait range, I'm thinking the 'Overnight Tan Mask' for my face, and the mousse, they also have a face and body bronzer which looks a great shade.

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