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NARS Bord De Plage Palette
NARS Bord De Plage Palette Review
You've clicked on this post because the palette pictured above is absolutely gorgeous, right? Right. Knew it. Behold, my first born, Bord De Plage - me and Nars are over the moon with our baby girl.

This is like, three of my favourite things in one stunning box. Highlighter, bronzer, and NARS powder formulae- so the £45 price tag didn't delay my purchase at all, I had to have this. And if you're fancying the pants off this already, I recommend you go and grab it now because it is limited edition, and the first batch at Space Nk sold out within hours, I was overjoyed when it came back in stock the next day. Like, it was a huge relief. Is that sad? Probably.

NARS have went all out with this palette, they've even changed up their signature plain black packaging and added summer serious summer, bronzed goddess vibes to the packaging. The signature NARS logo is embossed into the packaging, rather than just printed on- so it won't fade. The whole thing is very sturdy and thick, it feels quite heavy and therefore luxurious, which y'know, it really should do for the price tag.

Inside is a huge mirror, perfect for on the go and you'd have no issues doing your complete routine with this. Then we have four powder highlighters, and two powder bronzers. The four highlighters are exclusive to this palette, and you can't buy them individually. However, the two bronzers are two of NARS' best selling, Laguna (which NARS are pretty famous for,) and Casino. I already have and love Laguna, and Casino is only a tad darker so it's perfect for when I've fake tanned. Or if anyone wants to take me to Bali...

NARS highlighter and contour bronzer palette
NARS Bord De Plage Swatches
The highlighter shades are all very Golden Goddess-esque, and the bronzers warm toned. They swatched beautifully after one swipe with my finger, the highlighters are glowy enough with one swipe, but if you want to be really extra they would for sure build up - they have a silky fine texture. The scars on my arm always get in the way of swatches, so they probably don't look as smooth as they will do on my face. For me, these are blinding enough. Ranging from a white hue, to a pure gold, to a champagne pink tone, this is the first palette I've purchased where I can use all of the shades. The lightest highlighter will be perfect for making the inner corners and the brow bone really stand out on paler skin tones like mine.

The Laguna bronzer in this palette is a lot more matte than the original, which I (think) is intentional because they are advertising this as a highlight and contour palette. For me, the bronzers are slightly too warm for contouring unless I've fake tanned.

In conclusion, a stunning limited edition release from NARS, once again, for sure one for your collectors stash. The powder formulas are faultless- silky and finely milled, and the pigmentation of every shade in this palette is spot on. Is it worth the price tag? In my opinion, totally.


  1. Those swatches make me want this palette! I didn't get it as I didn't think it would work on my pale skin but now I want it haha

  2. I really want this palette wahhh!!! It looks beautiful you know I love my highlighters and bronzers xx

  3. This pallete looks absolutely gorgeous xx


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