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L'oreal Hydra Genius Review
It's the moisturiser every blogger and their nan is talking about, and I hate to jump on bandwagons but this was released very conveniently in time when my cream had ran out- and on its introductory price, which for the amount of product you get, was a very good offer. I've seen really mixed reviews so far, it seems to be very much love it or hate it. Here's my verdict.

I'm half way through my bottle and I'm still on the fence, I don't love it, nor do I hate it. To sum my experience up, here's a quick pros and cons rundown.


  • Luxurious looking and feeling bottle, it doesn't look cheap and it feels heavy
  • A generous amount of product 
  • Pump dispenser 
  • Feels light on your skin, literally like water 
  • Clean, fresh, subtle scent 
  • Absorbs quickly


  • Leaves a weird, tacky like feeling on your skin
  • Not as hydrating as it should be, according to its description
  • Moisture doesn't last long, it claims to lock in for 72 hours, I'd say 2
  • I need 3 pumps for my whole face, so I'm using it up quite quickly

In conclusion, I wouldn't pay full price for this product, I've had a lot of drugstore moisturisers cheaper than this that perform better. However, it was good to trial it whilst it was on its introductory. price, (around £6.65 or something?) Now Autumn/Winter is approaching, I definitely could not use this moisturiser, its not hydrating enough and would probably leave my with dry red patches and tightness. (I have combination skin, but dry in Winter.) If you have completely oily skin this might work really well for you, but I think I'll be going back to my trustee First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream until next Summer rolls around.

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  1. Such a shame it wasn't as good as hyped! I hate the tacky feeling moisturisers can leave on your skin! Xx

    Tamz |


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