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Best Krispy Kreme
Hitting you with something a little different for today, but this is something I just really wanted to write and I really want to start adding more lifestyle/mental health posts back into my schedule. I just wanted to share with you things that have been going on recently, what I've been up to, y'know? I love interacting with you guys and I want you to all feel like you know me as a person, and not just as a girl reviewing an eyeshadow palette. (There is more to me, believe it or not.)

So first of all, you might know I invested in my first Macbook about four/five months ago now, it was a huge financial choice for me but one I was willing to take because I knew it would motivate me to blog more, work harder and to be honest I've wanted a Macbook since I was about 12. So why not right? So, four months down the line and this week I've already made my first trip to the Apple Store for a repair! One morning I just woke up, opened up my baby and there was about six dead pixels on my screen! And if you think that's bad, a few days later an actual living INSECT crawled inside my screen and died right in the middle of it. Fair to say I was furious, you do not pay over one thousand pounds for a laptop for this to happen after a few months. I was so disappointed. It was also a two hour trek to my nearest Apple Store- they fixed it within two days and I now have it back, luckily it was under warranty because if not, it would of cost me £397 for a new screen! Not cool Apple. 

I dragged my fiancé to the Apple Store with me, so I thought I'd treat us to dinner out at TGI Fridays because he'd never been before (what?!) I absolutely love the atmosphere in there, and the staff are always cheerful and attentive. We got a 'Birthday Cake Shake,' and I cannot recommend it enough, it was literally a birthday cake flavoured milkshake, with a slice of birthday cake inside, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, the works. 10/10 recommend.

My fiancé then dragged me to the cinema to watch Dunkirk with him, I really hate war films but I agreed to go because he said he would buy me a Tango Ice Blast, (and Harry Styles AND Cillian Murphy, major eye candy.) I honestly had no idea what was going on for the entire film, but he enjoyed it and I enjoyed my ice blast and swooning over the dream boys. 

I've been eating more Krispy Kreme donuts than I have been breathing in air recently, I am addicted. I've eaten my body weight this week in my favourite donuts, I swear I've posted so many Instagrams of them lately people must think I'm a huge AD. I'm not, I just really, really, bloody love them. My fiancé came home from work one day and surprised me with a box too (what a keeper!) My favourites are: Strawberry Glazed, Strawberries N Kreme, NY Cheesecake, Biscoff and Hersheys Cookies N Creme. (I mean, I love them all lets be honest but these are in my top rankings.) 

Me and my fiancé have also had the house to ourselves for ten days which has been amazing. My parents are currently in Greece and to be honest I'm gutted they come home tomorrow, I've loved the housewife life and the privacy. I've had a few Cinderella days, doing nothing but housework and cleaning up after my fiancé and my dogs, but over all it's been great and me and Callum survived with only about three arguments. It's made me excited for moving out, but also filled me with dread because now I know how annoying men and their mess can be!

Finally me and Callum booked up to go back to Ramside Hall. We've been a few times over the past couple of years and with each visit it gets better- this time we booked a master suite. It cost a bomb but it's basically a luxury little flat for the night, with the spa. I love having things to look forward to, it really keeps me going!


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