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July Beauty Haul, Nars, NYX, L'oreal
Don’t know about you, but I still love a good old beauty haul! I’ve recently rekindled my love for buying make up, which me and my blog love, but my bank account and overflowing make up drawer don’t so much appreciate. (Honestly I think you would all die if you saw my current make up storage situation.) The next few months are gonna be really tight with money, I have to start paying my own phone contract next month and me and my fiancĂ© really want to book up a mini break for Summer- so there’ll not be any new products in my stash anytime soon. Adulting is hitting me hard, I do not like direct debits.

I conveniently needed a new moisturiser just as the L’oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water was released and every other blogger I know was raving about it. It was on its introductory offer price, somewhere around £6.50, and you do get a very generous amount of product, I think for it being drugstore it looks and feels pretty luxe too. I’ve got a full review of this coming next if you’re interested to know if the hype is real.

My mum bought the NYX HD Concealer Wand a few months ago, I told her I’d heard good things, but when I sneakily tried hers out while she was at work, I was literally blown away. I’ve tried so many high end concealers, Nars, Tarte, YSL, Urban Decay etc. This is the cheapest concealer I’ve ever tried, and y’know what? It’s also the best. Truly, this is my new holy grail, (I’ve now purchased my own, obviously.) I’d give this a solid 6/5.

I hate to say it again, but the blogger hype sucked me in again with this purchase. The L’oreal Nudist Matte Lip Paints have been all over my Instagram feed lately, and y’know I was in Boots anyway so I might as well just try it, at £6 it’s the cheapest lip product I’ve bought in years. I went for the darkest, boldest shade 212. When I swatched this in the shop the shade looked gorgeous, sort of a muted dusty dark purple with a grey tinge - unfortunately when I’ve worn this it didn’t look anything like the swatch, and I really didn’t suit it. It would look gorgeous on really dark tanned skin tones!

I was in dire need of a new pair of lashes, I always re-purchase the Huda Beauty Scarlett Lashes, I swear by these and I’m just not prepared to risk trying any others. A pair of these will last me at least 3 months so they’re without a doubt worth the price tag. So if you ever see a selfie of me, I’m always wearing these lashes. They give a very dramatic, very thick and layered look. (See how I make my lashes last so long, it’s a genius and simple routine!) 

Last but 100% not least, I got my paws on the stunning, amazing, NARS Bord De Plage Palette. This is a highlighter and bronzer palette, its limited edition too so if you want it, get it ASAP. It’s literally the most gorgeous palette I’ve ever purchased, I’ve swatched it for a full review post coming soon but I don’t want to use it! I kinda just wanna keep it and preserve its beauty. You’ll see why. Full, and photo heavy post on it coming your way this week.

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