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Superdrug Solait Tan Wipes Review
You know when you go into Superdrug for one thing and end up coming out with an entire haul? Yeah, that happened...

Story time; I took to the fake tan isle to get a new tanning mitt, and I couldn't ignore the bright pink and green products at the end of the isle- they looked extremely aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammy. I thought it was a new tanning brand on the market, turns out it was actually Superdrug's own range of tanning products. So hands up to Superdrug, that packaging really caught my eye, lured me in and made me impulse buy. 

I picked up the tanning wipes and put them down a dozen times, I was just like nah they won't work, they just can't be any good. I ended up putting them in my basket after about twenty minutes of standing thinking about it (probably looked like a shoplifter.) They were only £2, so I don't know why I treated it like such a big financial decision. My thinking was that even if they didn't work, it was only two quid and I'd get a blog post out of it anyway, so it's a career investment right? (Isn't blogging GREAT.) 

When I got home and popped these babies open I wasn't expecting much, if anything. I'm always extremely cautious with cheap products on my overly sensitive skin too, so wiping what felt like toilet wet wipes all over my body filled me with dread as to what I might wake up to. First impressions? They smelt great, not like typical cheap tan that smells like a week old Tikka Masala, the wipes smell quite fruity and fresh. They also left a really matte finish on my body, which I feared would feel dry and uncomfortable later on, but it didn't. The wipes do claim to contain vitamin E, (which is for hydration,) but my skin didn't feel moisturised- but not dehydrated either, so quite balanced I suppose. 
It only took me 10 minutes to do my entire body, and usually I take about 40 with my usual Bondi Sands dark foam and mitt. The downside here being that you can't see the colour from the wipe like you can your usual fake tan, so you have to ensure you don't miss patches! The colour starts to develop after about 4 hours. 

I used my wipes before bed and left it overnight, and when I woke up I was truly impressed. I wasn't as dark as I like to be, but I had a gorgeous healthy looking bronzed up tan! I also used a wipe on my face, (which was extremely scary,) but that risk had too paid off, my face was a lovely colour and there was no irritation. (Although by morning, I could smell tan very strongly, and it wasn't the fruity fresh scent I got when applying.) I've been extremely pleasantly surprised with my £2 buy that I had no idea about, and I would totally recommend these to my fellow fair/pale skinned girls. Or, just anyone wanting a quick, easy fake tan fix!

 Hats off to Superdrug, girl done good.

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