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False Lash Hacks
I'd like to think I'm quite a pro when it comes to false lashes- I'm a gal that either goes full glam or no make up at all and just shove a pair of sunnies on. I've tried a lot of lashes, from £3 pairs to £20 pairs, I've been using the same style for over a year now, and they 'aint cheap so I like to make them last as long as possible. 

If you've been humming and herring about buying more expensive lashes because you don't know if they're worth it, I totally urge you to go for it. More expensive lashes not only look a lot better, but they last a long time, so you do get your moneys worth. I use the Huda Beauty Scarlett lashes, and I can wear them at least 15 times before they go really disgusting.

But fear not, if 15 uses still doesn't convince you to invest in luxury lashes- I've discovered how I can actually clean my lashes and get them back to looking like a brand new set. So I've now worn this pair for over 3 months...

All you're going to need is micellar water, or even better if you've got it: eye make up remover, as well as a pair of tweezers, a spooly brush (or old, clean mascara wand,) half an hour and a boiled egg cup:

  • Firstly fill up your egg cup with micellar water or eye make up remover, and then put it into the microwave for 20 seconds until it's warm (NOT hot.)

  • Then, you just want to put 1 of the lashes into the cup and let it sit for 15 minutes.

  • Once it's been 15 minutes, use your tweezers to pick up the lash by the band. (Not by the hairs, because it might make them stick together whilst they're wet.)

  • Hold the very end of the band with your fingers, and use your tweezers very delicately to grab hold of the old glue/eyeliner/eyeshadow thats built up on the band. You have to be careful, ensure you don't grab any of the band, and just the build up. And then you need to very slowly peel it away with the tip of the tweezers, ensuring you support the band as you pull off the rubbish to prevent it snapping.

  • Then put your lashes onto a flat surface, and use your clean spooly brush to comb the hairs from the band to the tip, again, ensure you are holding the band so it doesn't snap. I had glitter stuck in the hairs of my lashes so I had to comb through them a few times. 

  • Then put your lashes back in their original box, so they re-gain any shape lost during this process.

And ta-da, your lashes are like brand new! A clean band, and no glitter or eyeshadow stuck in the hairs. You just saved £20!


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