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Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Dope
If you've clicked on this post because of the major make up porn above, I don't blame you. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how damn gorgeous this product is before I even talk about what it is? Here we have yet another one of my impulse buys, I saw these had landed on Asos and added one to my basket within 30 seconds, just because it looked gorgeous. We've all done that...right?

I picked up the shade Dope, partly for the name to be honest. It's described as a 'cotton candy champagne' an iridescent lip topper that will get you lit. It's supposed to give the effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks, eyebrows, and anywhere else on your body, it also smells so good! The scent is described as Strawberries on the website, but personally I think it's just really fresh and sweet- I definitely wouldn't mind tasting it on my lips all day! 

You can wear your Diamond Crusher on its own or over a matte lipstick of your choice, the topper doesn't disturb the wear of your lipstick underneath. Your lipstick will stay put as usual, but the topper will disappear if you eat or drink, but it won't make it anymore drying or change the texture. 
If you really want to go out there, or maybe you've got a festival coming up, you can also sweep the product through your eyebrows for the ultimate fairy queen realness. If that isn't enough, you can also use it as a liquid/cream highlight- simply apply your liquid or powder highlighter of choice and top it off with a sweep of diamonds. 

A Diamond Crusher will set you back £15, which isn't too bad, even if you just use it as a photo prop or just as something to look really sparkly on your dressing table. Lime Crime is now readily available in the UK on Cult Beauty and Asos, which is a God send. I highly recommend you go and get one now whilst the Summer is still around and out there sparkly make up is very much appropriate.

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