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macbook pro retina is it worth it
If you follow me over on my Instagram, you might know that last week I took 'yolo' quite literally...
I've wanted a Macbook/iMac since I was 12, and with them being all over my social media feeds it only made my lust even stronger. All the 'bloggers' seem to be Mac users and lets face it, when they're constantly used in set up Instagram shots and as blog props you cannot help but feel inferior. I mean, let's be real here, you don't see someone sitting in Starbucks on a blue HP Pavilion.

You especially wouldn't take them seriously. (And yes, I am now going to be a Starbucks Macbook w***er, I might even start to order a hot drink instead of a whipped cream topped frappuccino so I look a little more profresh in my Nikes and messy bun.)

So I finally took the plunge and whipped out a hefty £1,500 to get the computer I've wanted for so long. As you can imagine, when it was delivered (at 7:59 in the morning?!) I was letting out some little squeels. I opted for the Macbook Pro Retina, after doing hours and hours of research to ensure I really wanted to spend a huge chunk of money on just a laptop. My parents were extremely shook, and of course they were very much against it because they "don't understand how on earth it can be worth so much more money than any other laptop from Argos?!" And that kinda put a downer on it, but I felt such a huge sense of pride- and my 13 year old self would be SO proud of me. It was kind of a 'I've made it,' moment when I took it out of it's sleeky white box.

So it's just been over a week now since I got my Mac, and of course the initial excitement has gone but I'm still feeling extremely happy about it and I'm still proud I got it. Can I see why everyone loves them? Totally. I am completely converted, y'know, once you go Mac you never go back.
My Mac is a totally joy to use, it looks so sleek and aesthetically pleasing, it's extremely fast, everything feels good and solid and expensive, I love the little details that add the luxury feeling like the light up keyboard and Apple logo on front. The retina display is amazing, everything looks so 'real,' like it's not even on a screen and it's just there in-front of me- I love how connected it is to my iPhone, so I can answer calls and texts without needing it in the same room if it's charging. I genuinely can't think of 1 thing I don't like about it, and that is a HUGE relief. I didn't want to regret such an expensive purchase for such a materialistic item. I mean, lets say it's an investment into my work and future too because I do blog kind of full time. And it's certainly motivated me to work harder- and I can work harder, and much faster.

It might be sad and shallow, but we're in 2017 here and social media is a huge thing and we all live on it. So yeah, now I have a Macbook I do feel better about myself, I do feel a bit smug that I've got myself one. I do want to show it off, because I'm really happy about it.
Can I also just add, the day my Macbook was delivered my fiancé ordered the same one within an hour of me having mine? There's totally nothing wrong with wanting nice things and loving them, as long as you're grateful for them.

I'm already thinking about making my next 'luxury' purchase, and I'm very much leaning towards some Valentino Rockstuds.

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