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Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder Review

I ended up getting my claws on the much raved about Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder in the shade Snow after running out of my beloved Hourglass and YSL Souffle D'eclat options. I've heard everyone praise this stuff, from Nikkie Tutorials to an endless list of fellow bloggers, so I couldn't be going too wrong with this, at £27.00 it's a lot cheaper than my usual go-to. 

The first fault I had to pick with this was something I saw straight away, the powder sieve has very small, and a not so generous amount of holes in the cap- and for me using this powder for the first few times was a nightmare, I really had to shake the whole thing very vigorously and more than once to get a decent amount of powder out. But, now that I've had the product a few weeks and I've had it stored upside down in my drawer, there's always enough powder already dispersed without shaking it around.

And there are no more faults to pick, everyone was right in what they said about this stuff. I mean, it's no hardcore stuff that I'd use on a night out when I'm going to be sweating and drinking for hours- but it's perfect for everyday and not so naughty nights out. It gives a very natural finish, it adds no additional coverage but sets foundation flawlessly with a slight glow. (It does claim to be 'light reflecting,' but it's by no means shiny, it absorbs oil really well.)

You are left with a matte finish, but not too matte that you look dry and cakey and dull. When it comes to pores, it's not anything amazing but it certainly does a good job. But for me that's not really an issue because I always use a pore refining primer, and I have other powders that are designed specifically to help the appearance of pores. But I find that some of these powders can feel heavy and almost feel like they're suffocating your skin, and I hate that feeling, where as this NARS option feels extremely lightweight and you forget it's there after a while.

However I have found that this works much better with certain foundations more than others, for some foundations it can set your face flawlessly and with others I've tried it has caused a little bit of cakeyness and actually seemed to emphasize pores. But personally I do have multiple setting powders in my collection so I don't mind swapping options up so that they work to the best of their ability, it's just a given that not all products can work amazingly with one another.

I have dry skin and I personally wouldn't recommend this for anyone with oily skin- it's just not heavy duty enough. Dry, normal or combination types however I think it would take to best.


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