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Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Whip Review
Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Whip Swatch

It really baffles me how the same product in different shades can be so different...

So, story: my mum got lip fillers for her 40th birthday and ever since she's just wanted to buy new lip products to show them off, and the first thing she got was a metallic 'Lip Whip' from Beauty Bakerie. I'd already heard a lot about the original Lip Whip so I told her it would probably be great, she ordered the shade 'Rosé Posé,' a darkish rose goldish shade. I tried hers on and loved it, the formula wasn't what I expected at all and overall it was just amazing. I never planned on jumping on the metallic lip bandwagon but after trying that I fell in love, not only was the formula great but it looked like melted metal on my lips- as well as making them look bigger. The only negative to the product was how impossible it is to get off, I had to scrub and scrub until my lips felt raw. So, I obviously I had to get one for myself but in a lighter shade to pair with my pale skin.

I went ahead and ordered the lighter shade 'Waffle Cone,' it looked gorgeous online and having tried my mums I was so excited to wear it and I thought it might just end up being my new favourite lip product. And let me just tell you, from the moment I put the first swipe on my lips I was baffled. Waffle Cone wasn't anything like Rosé Posé, in-fact, it's absolutely awful- the worst lip product I've had the displeasure of using and wearing in my entire life.

First of all, barely any product was applying onto my lips, the doe foot applicator was full of it but it just didn't pay off onto my lips at all. It took about eight coats to build up to a good coverage, and by coat two my lips felt dry, cracked and uncomfortable.
After about fifteen minutes, the colour started cracking and separating, and started literally crumbling off of my lips! So embarrassing. I was out shopping wearing this and my boyfriend even told me it looked horrendous, I nearly died when I got home and looked in the mirror. There was only a tiny bit of product left around the edges of my lips, and that little product that was left was dry, flakey and stiff.

So as you can imagine, I'm so disappointed. How can the same product in a different shade be so different? Seriously, how does this work?
I highly recommend the shade Rosé Posé anyway, but unfortunately it's too dark for my skin and just doesn't suit me- so I'm going on the hunt again for a metallic lip. If you have any recommendations, please do leave them in a comment!

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