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Co Lab Dry Shampoo Paradise Edition Review
Nice tan line on your hand there...(sorry it's exfoliate and re-apply Thursday.)

Say hello to the gorgeous new addition to the Colab dry shampoo range, the Paradise edition. I've seen multiple bloggers raving about the Colab dry shampoo, and I don't know if that's because a blogger is behind it all or if it genuinely works great for them- but for me this didn't live up to the hype. Not only did the blogger hype make me buy this, but the packaging of the new Paradise edition is extremely appealing and looks so much better on my dressing table than my average Batiste. It's just a shame it didn't perform as well.

My usual dry shampoos of choice do the obvious job of any dry shampoo, absorb oil on your not-washed-for-5-days-hair and make it smell a whole lot better. But they also give my hair texture, which I really need in order to style it because it's very flimsy, and they give it the much needed volume too which reduces the need for backcombing and horrible hairspray.

Unfortunately, for me the Colab did nothing but make my hair smell nice, (really, really nice to be fair.) It also claims to leave no white residue, but it does. It might look pretty and smell pretty, but the performance is compromised and I think the good old Batiste works way better, and gives more result.

You can buy the Paradise Edition here at Superdrug. (Not that I've probably made you want it.)



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