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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel review
Having dehydrated skin I'm always looking for new skincare to put on trial, so when I saw the new 'Hydro Boost,' range from Neutrogena on the Boots website knowing I was running low on moisturiser, it was straight in the basket. It instantly reminded me of the Sunday Riley Tidal cream, which is obviously ten times the price, but I had been considering purchasing because my skin really needs some luxurious help. And sadly much to my bank accounts dismay, I'm still looking to purchase the £60 moisturiser because this Neutrogena version is quite frankly just crap.

I really, really don't like this. And I'm currently housing 2 spots on my face that have strangely appeared a couple of days after starting to use this- so I'm guessing it must be this because I rarely get spots otherwise, so I've stopped using it just half way through the pot.

I will admit, the 'water gel' consistency is really nice to apply and it's a nice change from my typical thick creams, but those 'thick creams,' hydrate my skin and keep it that way for hours, where as this feels good for 10 minutes after application and then my face feels tight and dried out. Basically, it just doesn't do anything, never mind hydrate dry skin. It claims to deeply hydrate and 'continually release' that hydration all day long, for me it does that for ten minutes and then I need another twenty layers just to make my face feel comfortable. Don't even think about putting make up on top of this because everything just rolls off because it seems to mattify your skin, which people with dry/dehydrated skin try to avoid. I actually think this would work better on oily skin, the total opposite to what it's designed and marketed for. Strange.

On the plus side? It smells nice.


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