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Huda Beauty, Liquid Matte, Lipstick Nudes,
When Internet beauty guru Huda Kattan released her own take on liquid lipsticks I honestly just rolled my eyes; it was just another influencer releasing another product just like Zoella or Manny MUA, just over it. Of course it was going to be hyped up and praised by the millions of fans, so it's always interesting when the products really get around and out there and the real honest reviews begin to surface. The good reviews just kept coming, and I do love me a new lipstick, (or 4) I seem to always end up cracking and giving in to make up hype eventually, so just go for it.

I couldn't decide on the shade I wanted for weeks, but then ever so conveniently the mini sets popped up online just in time for my birthday. It's as if God was looking down and watching my struggle. (But apparently it's due to "phenomenal success.") There are three mini sets: the reds, the nudes, and the browns. I went for the nudes which includes the best selling shades: Bombshell, Venus, Trendsetter and Flirt. Each mini tube is 1.9ml, compared to the full size at 5ml.)

First of all, I love how sleek the packaging looks and feels, it really reminds me of NARS, and the frosted glass tubes make the product feel heavier and therefore more expensive- even these mini versions have a little weight to them. However, I do feel like the images on the back of the box are really untrue to the colour that actually comes out, but when the tubes are lined up next to each other all 4 look the same.
The four shades are extremely similar, to me it's like I only got 2 shades because Bombshell and Trendsetter look the same, and then Flirt and Venus also look pretty identical. Which makes me really glad I didn't get full sized products at full sized prices, because these are the four shades I would of purchased, so if they came and were this similar I would be really pissed. But do bare in mind I have really pale skin, so on darker skin tones they might appear completely different.

(Swatches left to right: Bomshell, Flirt, Trendsetter, Venus.)

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However, what's inside really impressed me, this might just be my favourite liquid lipstick formula ever. (That's a big statement, guys.) Inside these shot glass sized tubes is an amazing ultra lightweight formula that feels like nothing on the lips. You can layer and layer this and it still feels comfortable, you can even layer different shades to create a unique colour.
If you have dry lips, this is your new best friend, the formula isn't drying at all and doesn't make my lips feel tight and cracked even after a few hours wear.
Staying power definitley isn't compromised because of the hydrating and light formula, I had these swatches on my arm for an hour before I went and took a shower, and I had to use my exfoliating gloves to get it off! Resulting in me having a patch of fake tan missing, sexy.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these and you certainly shouldn't be put off just because they're from an online guru. I'm just praying that some lighter shades are added to the line because with me being so pale, these kind of make me look like Casper. Formula wise, they're holy grail status- I just need a really light nude and I'd have my dream liquid lipstick. 



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