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Blogging Hacks, Improve blog SEO
I've been blogging for two years now and I'm still learning new things about it all of the time, recently I've been trying to really improve things 'behind the scenes,' and I've done that by reading other bloggers advice and tips on SEO and all that technical jazz. Like most people I hate doing all of the mundane tasks that take up time and seem pointless and boring but in the end they do have a positive impact. And I'll be completely honest, I would be the happiest girl alive if I could do blogging as a full time job and be able to earn a living from it, so I can't just skip the bad bits and expect all the good, very unfortunately life just isn't like that. I am really beating myself up for not doing these things since day one, because if I had my SEO/DA etc would be a lot higher right now. 

Yes, I've been blogging for two years and only just learnt that actually naming your images properly affects your SEO. Tragic. What I mean is that I've been taking the images from my memory card, editing them and then uploading them to the blog posts just as 'IMG78444,' when really I should of been editing them and then re-naming them properly with something relevant to what it is. This lets Google know what the image actually is and helps it appear in search results etc. I wish I could say since learning this that I went through every post on my blog and renamed the images and re-uploaded them but let's be real, never going to happen. 

Once I've uploaded my images to the blog post I just center them and make them the right size and that's them done with. But no, all of this time I should of been adding title text and alt text to the image. You do this by selecting the image, clicking on 'properties,' and ta-da. The title text should be similar to the blog post title, straight to the point saying what the image is of. For example if you were reviewing a foundation, the title text might be something like 'Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Cover Foundation.' And then the alt text is kinda similar from what I understand so far, I always just copy and paste my labels and title into the alt text. I've read that Google doesn't actually see your image, it only sees text- so keywords are really important so that your images show up in relevant searches.

Again, this is all about keywords. You can do this by going to the sidebar to the right of your blog post draft where you add labels and schedule etc, and simply just click Search Description and type keywords relating to your post into the bar. I don't really know much detail about this, I just know that you should be doing it and it improves your blogs ranking in the long term. (Apparently.)

If you've got anything more to add that you think everyone should know then please do in a comment below.


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