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It wouldn't be an occasion for present giving without some make-up, right? Right.

If you saw my birthday giveaway post, you'll know it was my birthday on January 29th. It's pretty shocking how little you get for your money with make-up, and I didn't really realize that until I spent £100 of my budget on four make up products for my birthday. But anyway, what you're here for...

The thing I was most excited for was the NARS Smooth and Protect Primer, this is a new release from the brand and I couldn't not try it. I am literally the primer queen and with NARS being one of my favourite brands, it was straight in my basket. I am so impressed with this, it's a major step-up from their original primers which I tried out a couple of years ago which did practically nothing. This is one of the three new formulas, priced at £30. The 'protect,' side of things means nothing to me, it's the 'smooth' in the name that drew me to this one- I bloody h a t e pores, they ruin the look of make up completely, and this seems to fill them in and make your skin an airy blurred blank canvas.

The second product from NARS certainly isn't anything new but something really hyped up in the blogging world, it's their Soft Velvet Loose Powder. I was desperate for a new powder and I got this purely because I've seen so many bloggers rave about it recently, and they were right to do so, add me onto the list! This powder is incredibly weightless on my skin, I can apply layers and layers and it still feels like there's nothing there- although it doesn't give a 110% matte finish, I kinda like that because there's no risk of cake face. It gives the velvet finish it states in it's name, it just really smoothes everything over and adds a soft barrier.

I've spoke about the Huda Beauty Scarlett Lashes before, they're my go-to lashes and I've been wearing them everyday for almost a year now. My current pair had collected a lovely lot of old eyeliner and glue, so I just needed a fresh set. Huda lashes are so easy to apply because of the thickness of the band - and they're faux mink, so they still look amazing and 'real.' The Scarlett style I always wear are very dramatic, but I really want to try out some other styles this year that are a teeny little more natural. Huda lashes are £18.50 a pair but I get so many uses out of them, it makes them totally justifiable.

Last but not least, the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini's, in 'the nude edition.'
I've wanted to try the liquid matte lippys from Huda since they were released on Cult Beauty, but I could never decide which shade to get, and it was like they could read my mind when they released these adorable mini sets. There's 3 'editions,' the red, the nude, and the brown - I went for the nude in which I got 4 of the best-selling shades. So far, I really love the formula and I can see why these are so highly talked about, and I am just obsessed with the cuteness of the mini's and I'm impressed that they kept the frosted glass packaging so they still feel luxe.



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