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A run down of my top four Lush picks that I religiously buy over and over...

(Ps. I don't have a bath in my house yet, otherwise a lot of bath bombs would of been included in this post. But,  I am getting a bath very soon- so expect a huge Lush bath haul.)

I've been through about 10 tubs of this pepperminty goodness, even though I only get spots when it's that time of the month, so obviously it comes in really handy around then. But I also use it just as an everyday thing, it's kind of part of my skincare routine before bed because it just makes me feel so clean and fresh, and feeling really 'cleansed,' helps me calm down ready to sleep. For me, this is like brushing your teeth, it just really picks you up and refreshes and makes the surface all smooooth. I always apply a pretty thick layer of this and leave it on for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, depends how much help I think I need. I will admit though, the downside to this mask is that it is such a bloody nightmare to get off, it dries down like a clay mask would and kind of starts to crumble away when you move your face. You do have to rub/scrub a little, so it's kind of a gentle daily exfoliate which isn't such a bad thing. Oh, and I have really sensitive skin and this mask causes me zero problems.

Dreamy creamy. This might just be my number 1 beauty product, ever. Like I swear they sprinkle some magic in this stuff, I don't know what it is, but it's just a lifesaver for pretty much anything. This is your new best friend if you suffer with dry skin, or even eczema- trust me, try it. Using this on my stomach on a daily basis (where I used to get small eczema breakouts during Winter because my skin was just so dehydrated) stopped me from having any breakouts the following two years. I always turn to this for my body AND face during Winter time, it keeps my skin looking so smooth and even, gives my face a glow, keeps it all well hydrated and I no longer get ANY eczema, ever. Literally it's a miracle cure. But I just use this stuff everywhere, all of the time, it's also great for keeping spotty skin clear (I recommended it to a friend who was suffering and it literally transformed her face.) I got so many compliments on how 'beautiful,' my skin was when I started using this a couple of years ago, I literally cannot recommend this enough. If you want baby soft, healthy looking, clear, quenched skin, this is for you. (So, erm everyone?)

Again, I've just been through bottles and bottles. I spray this all over my face like three times a day, once when I wake up just to really shock myself into awake mode, once during the day just to perk myself up on no make up days and then again before bed, because it's nice so, why not? And obviously, it's Tea Tree so it's all anti-bacterial and all that jazz, so it just makes me feel like it gets rid of all the nastiness, the germs etc from the day so your skin feels squeaky clean. Like, you could make your dinner on my face. (Pro tip, if you've got acne or just a lot of spots and you use a Beauty Blender, use this to wet your BB instead of water/Mac Fix+ whatever.)

So it's really crap not having a bath (yet,) and not being able to pour in loads of nice smelling stuff and bathe in sparkly baths and take Instagram's of my rainbow water, and that's why I pray to Lord everyday and thank him. My favourite bubble bar was The Comforter, but then they made it into a shower gel and now I don't have to miss the amazing smell anymore. Obviously it does make your skin bright pink for a while, and kind of makes a mess in my mums white shower, but it smells so bloody good I don't care. I mean, it's not great for shaving because it doesn't foam up, but if you just wanna make everything smell really sweet, this is the bomb. (I did also get a bottle of Snow Fairy with this haul so I use that to shave.) I would eat me.

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