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There's just something about ordering from Sephora that gives me so much more joy and excitement than ordering make up from my own country...

Which, is unfortunate really, due to the fact tax and shipping always add an extra 30-100£ to the total. Damn you America. So Sephora orders are a once in a blue moon occasion, so here's a haul post to make it all seem worth it. 

Without a doubt the thing I was most excited for (and the reason I had to order from Sephora,) was the Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow To Go palette. Honestly, it was worth it. This beauty comes with two powder highlighters and a powder contour shade, all of which are amazing, by the way. I was so impressed with how well all the shades worked on my glow in the dark skin, because usually in a palette I can't use certain shades because I am literally a ghost. The highlighters are my favourite type, the type that blind bitches and kill small children. I was also equally as pleasantly surprised with the contour shade, 'chisel' it works great as a contour and all over bronze for my skin tone, it has cool undertones and it's just the right amount of ashy to make it multi-use.

And then came along the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Cream in the shade 'Fawn Over Me.' These are a brand new release from MJ and having loved everything from the brand so far, and loving liquid lipsticks, I couldn't NOT try their take; I mean, look at that effing packaging, if I designed a liquid lip, it would probably look a little something like this. The formula is very unique, I can't really compare it to any other liquid lipstick I've tried, and what I really love is how it doesn't dry down 110% matte, so it's perfect for my dry lips.

And the final things in my basket were the kind-of-newly-released Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liners, and I got the shades Perversion (black,) and Revolver, a silver/glitter. I've needed a fresh black liquid liner for ages and I've constantly seen these on the brands Instagram looking mighty fine, #influencer. I also picked up the silver just because I really want to experiment and it seems glitter/metallics etc are really cool right now so, I'll try. I haven't tried out the silver shade yet but I can confirm that the black is insanely pigmented, like, the blackest of black that black can be.

What make up have you been buying and/or lusting after so far in 2017?


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